Application for Alignment: 30 Day Private Intensive

I'm SO excited you're interested in my 30 day private mentoring program, Alignment!

In 30 days we will: (1) align your offers (front door and back end), (2) align your marketing messaging, and (3) uncover any misalignments and energetically clear them to set you up for success.

Here are the types of results my clients achieve via soul alignment:

My client Kristen pivoted her business and generated $170k in sales for her brand new group program in 6 weeks!

My client Juliet attracted SIX new leads in two weeks after a month of no new leads!

My client Rashida aligned her offers and marketing and generated $56k while on vacation!

My client Stephanie eliminated sales calls due to aligned messaging, spent 30+ hours LESS on a marketing launch, and generated MORE sales than her previous launch!

My clients Anne + Chantill created a new private mentoring offer and immediately sold THREE spots!

We do have one more step before I send over the program details….

I've got a few Questions for you. They're intended to let me know where you are in your impact and legacy building.

None of these are "automatic no"s, so please do answer freely--whatever your answers are, it's all good. You’re welcome to respond in writing, or create a video response instead!

These answers will help to ensure we're a good fit for working together.

If you prefer to share a video response, feel free to do that instead!  You can: 

  1. send it to me via Facebook messenger

  2. or record using a free program like Loom and add the link to your video to the question below. 

Looking forward to your responses & we'll take it from there! 






Email Address:




How did you learn about this program?


How long have you been in this current iteration of your business? What’s your annual sales/revenue for the past 2 years?


How many people do you regularly market to and via which platforms?


What transformation/growth do you desire to experience as a result of mentoring with me? Why am I the right mentor for you?


What have you already tried doing to align your offers and messaging--i.e. coaches, courses? What results did you achieve?


What would have Alignment be a "HECK YES" for you?


Anything else you'd like for me to know about you and your interest in private mentoring with me?


If I feel like we'd be a good fit for working together, I will contact you via Facebook/Instagram Messenger to share more details. Share your @ for FB or IG below:


Drop the link to your Loom (or other) video here (optional)