Do you have a huge vision for the impact you want to have,
but are unsure how to make it a reality? 

Are you ready to step even more fully into your Power and your Zone of Genius? 

You are a badass entrepreneur.
A conscious leader and change maker.
A sacred being.
A soul with a big purpose.

You are an expert in your field, and your business is a deep personal expression of who you are at a core level. Your business is successful and you feel PROUD of what you’ve created!

You’ve kicked some ass, broken some rules, and made your own dreams happen. You’re ready for MORE. You want to grow an empire. The problem is that you feel STUCK.

You get that you are not standing in your Truth and your Power and your Genius.

You’ve built a big business and now you’re spending more time working IN the business than ON the business. Your own emotional, physical, spiritual and financial needs seem to have fallen by the wayside.

You can’t figure out how to get to that next level in your biz that doesn’t have you working MORE, stressing MORE, handling MORE.

You want the Empire. You want the 20 hour work weeks. You want massive self-care and a supportive team that gets your vision. But mainly you want to…  


What’s happening for you is that your definition of success is drastically changing.  

It has stopped being just about the money you can make in your business. It has become what that money can afford you, but meanwhile you can’t figure out how to: 

  • Stop managing your business and lead it instead 
  • Stop waiting for things to fall apart
  • Transform your to-do list into a desire list 
  • Take your foot off the gas, and trust long enough to get new results 
  • Shift from resenting or fearing your business to falling in love with it again  

You may think you need help with strategy, but really what you need to get to the next level is managing your own mindset and embodying the leader you truly are. Here’s the thing:  

Your Empire begins to grow first in you.

You have to become radically comfortable with your expertise and authority. You must embody a new way of being, because what got you this far will NOT get you to the next level! 

This is about you claiming your Divinity and understanding that you are the catalyst for creating abundance. You have the power and you must claim the responsibility that comes alongside that!

You must lead with your intuition, learn how to be in right-relationship with your business, do even MORE of your purpose, get seriously comfortable with money and continually up-leveling, and you must become disciplined with your mindset, your emotions and your decisions. 

This is about becoming radically good at the death and rebirth cycles that come with conscious entrepreneurism. When you are in business for yourself you are continually dying to the person you were in order to become the next version of yourself. And how you deal with that death and rebirth cycle – how you choose to move through that doorway open in front of you – will make or break your business.

But this is not what most conscious entrepreneurs focus on!

Most conscious entrepreneurs focus on taking MORE action, offering MORE products + services, and creating MORE responsibility for themselves. That doesn't work, and the reason why is because THAT is not a sustainable business model. That might be a model that COULD get you to 7 figures, but I guarantee that by the time you get to 7 figures you will hate your business and hate yourself. 

The reasons you haven’t gotten the results you desire in your business, or haven’t gotten them consistently are:  

  • the hustling, proving, driving energy you used to build your business is not the energy you need to sustain it - in fact, this energy will derail your business after a certain point; 
  • you’ve followed or worked with mentors who embody the divine masculine, and pooh-pooh the divine feminine - yet you are not getting same results you used to get by following their lead; 
  • you’re too focused on strategy and not enough on mindset and embodiment - because mindset and embodiment don’t seem tangible enough to reach the top of your to-do list. 
  • you're not giving yourself radical permission to drop even more deeply into your purpose.

Done trying to figure all this out on your own?
Grow Your Empire is your compass.

The Grow Your Empire course affirms that you are being called to align EVEN more deeply with your purpose.

You are here to have a significant impact on transforming consciousness on this planet. You are a force to be reckoned with. You can have anything you want. You CAN and SHOULD be asking for the world. You get that the platform of your business is exactly what is going to help change the paradigm, and you’re ripe for upleveling and having a MUCH bigger impact.

As you let your intuition lead, magic and miracles begin to open for you. By claiming your personal power, you consciously create your reality in ways you've never done before.  

This course is built on three pillars:
mindset, alignment and embodiment.

This course is specifically designed for the conscious entrepreneur who has already experienced traditional success in business who: 

  • has a giant brain + open heart who wants to play bigger in their business 
  • gets that mindset needs to be the primary focus to grow an empire 
  • knows that their business is a platform for their spiritual journey 
  • is ready to work with the energy of their business 
  • is here to share their genius and sacred gifts with the world 
  • has a deep desire to transform consciousness on this planet  
  • is done playing small, getting in their own way, and feeling isolated 
  • gets that true alignment involves all of YOU: your business, health, spirit, emotions + relationships and is willing to show up powerfully for themselves in EVERY area of their life
  • wants to double+ the revenue in their business, but even more importantly, 
  • wants to feel secure in leading their empire  

Grow Your Empire is not for you if:

  • you have yet to get the basics of your business handled (i.e. program design, marketing and sales strategy, enrollment, client management, building an infrastructure) 
  • you’re more committed to fear than to your spiritual path 
  • you’re only in business to make as much money as possible  
  • you don’t believe in the Akashic Records or Universal Law or energetics or anything woo-woo 
  • you desire the power of growing your empire but don't want the responsibility
  • you are not committed to claiming the power and the responsibility that comes with growing your empire  

GYE is a.png

By the end of this course you will be in a completely NEW vibration and NEW way of being in the world. You will also... 

  • Own your badassery
  • Have more Agency in yourself and your businesses
  • Be in Charge of your own Destiny
  • Thrive instead of survive
  • Become a Powerful Sovereign Creator
  • Get into Right Relationship with fear
  • Be at Choice about what you want to experience
  • Experience Freedom to do business exactly the way you desire
  • Release the Addiction to scarcity and surviving
  • Take a Radical Stand for yourself and your businesses
  • Command your Value
  • Own your Power

Oh, and, make more MONEY doing what you love...
Money is the byproduct.
Freedom and Power is the Path.

Course includes.png

Module 1: Soul Alignment

Lesson 1: Welcome

Lesson 2: Failure

Lesson 3: Your Akashic Record

Lesson 4: Energetic Alignment in Business

Lesson 5: Your Empire Manifesto

Module 2: Sacred Sisterhood

Lesson 6: What is True Belonging?

Lesson 7: Universal Laws.

Lesson 8: Law of Gratitude

Lesson 9: Law of Unconditional Love

Lesson 10: Accessing Your Soul

Module 3: Your Next Level Mindset

Lesson 11: Master Your Abundance (includes eBook)

Lesson 12: Trauma and Business

Lesson 13: Rewiring Your Brain

Lesson 14: Reframing Beliefs

Module 4: Money Mindset

Lesson 15: Master Money Now:
21 Money Mindset Strategies
(includes eBook)

Module 5: Energetics of Money

Lesson 16: Your Financial Bandwidth

Lesson 17: Recalibrate Your Vibration

Lesson 18: Create Financial Freedom

Module 6: Manifesting Your Way

Lesson 19: Law of Manifestation

Lesson 20: Your Manifesting Operating System

Module 7: Be the Heroine

Lesson 21: Claim Your Desire

Lesson 22: Feminine Manifesting

Module 8: Sacred Embodiment - Your Faith Walk

Lesson 23: Own Your Value

Lesson 24: Energetic Alignment

Lesson 25: Energetically Aligned Action

Lesson 26: Direct Action

Module 9: Thriving in Success

Lesson 27: Consistent Manifestation

Lesson 28: Work as Play

Lesson 29: Thriving in Success

That’s $10,000 in educational teachings on mindset, alignment, and embodiment!


There are SO MANY...

1:1 30 minute session with Emma

Your ultimate bonus is a 30 minute 1:1 session with Emma. You and me on the phone for 30 minutes catalyzing your breakthrough and helping you shift monumentally into your next level. What could get any better than that, you ask? You will receive a recording of your session, that’s what. ($500 Value)

Reading List

I inhale books. I read on my Kindle, have a pile of books by my bed, and my car stereo doubles as a library. My reading list is culled from hundreds of books I have read that have propelled me through next level transformation, again and again.

Technology Resources

My team’s recommendations for technology to support the back-end of your business!


Client Attraction Blueprint Course

Understanding and harnessing what makes you completely brilliant and unique at Soul level makes you magnetically irresistible to your soul-mate clients.

Discover your 6 personalized client attraction elements, and exactly how to utilize them for client attraction with ease. 

This course is the foundation to earning up to $5000/mo or increasing sales for established businesses by up to 30%, in a completely authentic, easeful and natural-to-you way.

Client Attraction Blueprint Logo.Square

Over $11,500 in Value for ONLY $997!

why GYE.png

Short Answer:

Because I have failed in all ways possible in business over the past 20 years. Because I wasn’t an overnight success. Because even when I had a major breakthrough in my business and grew it to multi-six figures in one year with a basic website and no email list, I STILL managed to find new and different ways to fuck it up in the years following. 

Because I get that your business is your platform for spiritual development, and that growing an empire is like peeling an onion: the more layers you add externally, the more layers you have to unpack internally. 

Because I am always growing my empire.

Here’s why mentoring with me works:  

  • I’m a business coach who has helped hundreds of businesses to grow (I’ve seen just about every business model out there, and more importantly, I know how to help guide you to YOUR best business model - grounded in YOUR intuition and soul) 

  • I’m a woman who has learned to receive and allow in business (and I will persistently, consistently invite you to receive and allow) 

  • I teach you how to access your Akashic Record and the Akashic Record of your business (so that you can access the Records anytime you need to, during or after this program) because honestly this is the secret behind understanding how you and your business tick

  • I understand how to work with energy and vibration. I've gone tons of tricks up my sleeve for helping you to expand your vibration to get new results. Same goes for breaking through limiting beliefs and getting your business into alignment.

  • I’ve got mad-genius psychic skills (I don’t need a lot of time or context to help you see what’s really going on) 

  • I’m a minister who embodies faith (if you’ve lost your relationship with the Universe, Spirit or God, I know how to guide you back) 
  • I understand trauma and the impact it can have on you + how you show up in your business. As a former trauma chaplain and survivor of physical, emotional and sexual abuse, I know how to hold space for ALL of you. I empower my clients to design their businesses to support their own healing and growth.
  • Emma Churchman

    “To be honest I feel lighter, freer, and more expansive than I have, ever. This has been the most phenomenal experience for me and completely worthwhile.
    If you are looking to really deepen into your purpose, and you have done all of the things, you’ve been successful, you’ve gotten all of the outside trappings, and know what they can and cannot do for you, and you’re really ready to deepen in and to live your life from purpose and earn from purpose, then Grow Your Empire is what you need.”

    Intuitive Coach for Conscious Entrepreneurs

  • Emma Churchman

    “Before Grow Your Empire, I was completely burned out in my business. From the outside, it probably looked like things were great, but they weren't. I had been pushing and hustling as hard as I could, following all the rules and checking off all the right boxes. Because of GYE, I learned how to create a business that was life-giving and honored my innate energy and talent. I learned  how to access my inner wisdom, trust myself and give myself permission to do business in the way that was most aligned to me. As a result, everything became easier. I attracted ideal clients, made more more money with less effort and left feeling empowered and happy. Emma is the best and I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a coach with integrity, wisdom and the strength to keep you accountable to your own desire.”


  • Emma Churchman

    “Before Grow Your Empire I was stuck in a pattern of self-sabotage that was so deeply ingrained within me that even as a mindset coach I couldn’t see it clearly for myself. GYE taught me how to surrender and allow. I learned that planning and strategizing isn’t what needed to happen to build my empire: feeling safe in the world and in my business was. As a result, I had my biggest sales month ever: $56k! I feel much more centered and grounded and confident in my business. I know that I am exactly where I need to be, that peace, joy and prosperity is available to me right now. I understand now that growing my empire can be easy when I surrender, allow, and receive.”

    MindShift Life

  • Emma Churchman

    “I never realized how much I had conditions in the work I did, such as a belief that I would have to fit what I desired into a box that was conventional and made sense to other people. The more I released my need to please, to be accepted, to be liked and valued by other people, I was able to step into my true and authentic identity in this world. Grow Your Empire showed me exactly how to do this.”

    Therapeutic Image Consultant

Is this YOUR year to Grow Your Empire?

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