I work with online business owners to use soul design and energetics to accelerate growth and income.

My online business grew to $100k a month when I stopped focusing on lead generation and did this instead…

...In my 25+ years as a business coach and a 7-figure business owner, I’ve discovered a secret almost no one is talking about…


Many business owners waste thousands of dollars and countless hours trying cookie-cutter solutions to solve their specific problems, and then wondering why they aren’t getting better results. 

Here’s a shocker: the problem that’s stopping your business from success is unique to you - and your soul design.

It may be a misaligned offer, price, marketing strategy, message, team member or back-end system. Lead generation might be the least of your problems.

So how do you know your solving the real problem in your business?

You start with understanding your unique soul design and energetics.

This is the secret sauce most online business owners overlook.

This is what you need to apply to grow.

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Emma M. Churchman, M.Div., M.Msc., ABD, is a Success Mentor + Spiritual Advisor to Business Owners ready to hyper-accelerate their growth + income using soul design.Facetune_18-06-2023-12-50-39

Emma’s advising is grounded in decades of education and training - she’s got two master’s degrees in Divinity and Metaphysics, and is a PhD candidate in Conscious Business Ethics

With 20+ years coaching and spiritually advising leaders, 25 years personal experience in business ownership, 20 years as a professional psychic, and immersion for over a decade in the study and practice of metaphysics and soul design, her coaching and advice is rooted in the practical AND the spiritual.

A former spiritual director, graduate religious teacher, and trauma/hospice chaplain, Emma has extensive experience accompanying people of many different faith traditions: Christian, Anabaptist, Eastern, and Universal, as well as those still wrestling with their spiritual identity and theology.

She lives on top of a mountain outside of Asheville, North Carolina with her husband Jeff and their two dachshunds, Winston and Leroy.


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