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I work with business owners ready to use soul design and energetics to hyper-accelerate growth and income.

You've mastered strategy and mindset in your business, and you can't figure out why you're not getting better, consistent results, and the hyper-growth you know you deserve.

You're stressed out, worried about taking your foot off the gas, and you feel ashamed for not being as confident in your business as your social media profile showcases. At this stage in your game, you're irritated that you're still having sleepless nights, feeling burnt out, or stalling out in your biz.

You've been in business long enough to feel like you should do a better job with turning things around, pivoting, or accurately diagnosing what needs to change in your business in order to get new results.

You've already invested countless hours and dollars trying to solve the problem of inconsistent revenue growth, but nothing you've tried has moved the needle enough. You're frustrated, and not trusting yourself to know exactly what to focus on in the coming year to ensure growth.

No amount of positive mindset, meditation, marketing strategy, lead generation, or expanding your offers or team is working. You want answers, NOW.


What if you could know, with 100% certainty, exactly what needs to change in your business in order to achieve your big income + impact goals?

The #1 thing we always want in our business is clarity and certainty. When we know HOW to do our business, then we get to DO our purpose in a way that creates massive transformation for ourselves and our clients.

But we get stuck on the HOW all the frigging time--especially when we're carrying HUGE responsibility for the success of a large business or brand.

We know SOMETHING MUST CHANGE in our business, but we can't accurately diagnose EXACTLY what needs to happen to ASSURE our reinvention, pivot, or growth.

The Business Energetic Assessment is that accurate diagnostic. 

This is the first, most important step in elevating your business to your next level. The Assessment enables you to... 

Gold-checkmark-25px-transp Discover how your soul is uniquely designed to do business.

Gold-checkmark-50px-transp Know the exact % alignment (to your soul design and financial goal) in your offers, marketing, sales, clients, business systems, and team.

Gold-checkmark-50px-transp Learn the #1 needle moving action you must take in each of these six areas to achieve your financial goal for the next six months.

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Emma M. Churchman, M.Div., M.Msc., ABD, is a Success Mentor + Spiritual Advisor to Business Owners ready to hyper-accelerate their growth + income using soul design.D6AA5BCB-384A-4621-A9E1-2205EC79BB03

Emma’s advising is grounded in decades of education and training - she’s got two master’s degrees in Divinity and Metaphysics, and is a PhD candidate in Conscious Business Ethics

With 20+ years coaching and spiritually advising leaders, 25 years personal experience in business ownership, 20 years as a professional psychic, and immersion for over a decade in the study and practice of metaphysics and soul design, her coaching and advice is rooted in the practical AND the spiritual.

A former spiritual director, graduate religious teacher, and trauma/hospice chaplain, Emma has extensive experience accompanying people of many different faith traditions: Christian, Anabaptist, Eastern, and Universal, as well as those still wrestling with their spiritual identity and theology.

She lives on top of a mountain outside of Asheville, North Carolina with her husband Jeff and their two dachshunds, Winston and Leroy.

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