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Facetune_18-06-2023-12-57-32I help online business owners to explode their income with their existing audience.

I’ve helped B2B companies, product-based companies, trade show companies, coaches, healing practitioners…

gym owners/fitness professionals, wellness businesses, marketing/brand strategists…

As well as brick and mortar businesses who market online.

I also coach visual artists, therapists, wholesalers, naturopathic/functional medicine doctors and others do business call in dream clients and customers in a way that's uniquely aligned to them.

I’ve got clients who consider themselves to be woo-woo, as well as some VERY mainstream clients.

But the commonality is that all of these folks are choosing this unique way of doing business - following the path of alignment to 10x their income.

Online sales have changed dramatically since COVID.

What was working during COVID with marketing and messaging has stopped working.

COVID was all about creating a sense of community in the midst of isolation. Marketing that worked well focused on getting to know, like and trust you. Showcasing your personality and your personal journey of success was wildly successful for so many business owners.

Making money during COVID was super easy for a lot of online business owners because you had an audience eager to hear from you, learn from you, and get to know you.

The days of COVID marketing are over.

No one has the time or attention span now. People are wearing pants again during meetings. ;-)

What people want now is results.

They don’t need to like you, trust you, know the names of your children or pets in order to buy. They want to know you can deliver insane results now.

When you speak to your dream clients dream results they buy instantly, paying in full, even when they are brand new to your world.

This is when your work in the world becomes easy and fulfilling.

This is when you start trusting yourself again as the leader of your business.

This is when you get the marketing peace of mind you’ve been seeking since COVID.

My one month 1:1 intensive is the place to make this shift in how you are marketing, so your income explodes.



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