Let’s Talk Results...

  • $90k in new sales in 6 weeks
  • Upleveling from $20k to $40k months in 30 days
  • Jumping from $40k to $60k months in 3 weeks
  • Within one month of working with me, earning DOUBLE her paid-in-full mentoring investment in new sales!
  • Leaping from $100k to $200k months in less than 12 months

These are TYPICAL results from private clients who work with me.

Often these entrepreneurs come to me when they’ve tried all of the strategy to master lead generation, messaging, sales, and client delivery. They’ve gotten stuck at a certain income level with that strategy, so then they’ve turned around and invested in mindset coaching and courses.

Six months, 12 months, 2 years later they are STILL stuck at the same income level—-because psyching themselves up to do a strategy that was never aligned to them in the first place will NEVER. EVER. WORK.

So they FINALLY decide to invest in abundance by soul design - the radical approach of aligning every single aspect of your business (and your life) to your soul and your financial goals.

Within 30-60 days their businesses (and their lives!) look radically different.

They are working less. Trusting themselves more. Having total clarity and ease with decision making. Doing their genius. Leaving a legacy.

Here are some of their stories...


NicoleI grew a $2 million business from zero in 3 years working with Emma."

I knew I wanted to work with Emma after hearing her speak at a local event, and something innately told me she would be pertinent to my own personal growth and up level that would then allow me to build a business.

There was a lot of deep inner work to be done as well as deeply connecting my souls purpose and Emma was a catalyst in all of that for me.

She allowed me to see that there's so much more that plays into business than strategy and tactics and numbers, and opening up to a new belief system was the first critical step in starting Authentic Conversion. Emma also coaches my Mastermind clients each month to support their growth through a similar process of inner awakening that results in a better business.

Nicole Spencer
Owner and Founder, Authentic Conversion

3"In just 6 weeks I went from almost zero sales of my signature offer to generating $90k through the process of soul alignment!

I thought I had a lead generation problem, but it turns out I just had an alignment issue with my offer and sales process. 

I also renegotiated my commercial lease for a significant savings, designed a new ad campaign from soup to nuts in record time, and I feel a big shift of more lightness and fun in my relationship with my husband.

Kiki Lovelace
Founder and Business Growth Mentor, The Thriving Studio Owner



5"This was one of the best investments I've ever made in myself and my business. I can't believe how much shifted within just two weeks."

I absolutely adored the alignment process and the level of support I received from Emma through this intensive.

Not only did I have a record-breaking sales month as a result of getting into soul alignment, I also released so many fears and blocks around scaling my business.

I now have a very simple $500k business model that is easy to implement and deliver. I'm forever grateful to Emma.

Danielle Ruban
Danielle Ruban Coaching



"I've had more clarity of vision for my business in my first week of mentoring with Emma than I have in years." 

Glenn Vergie
Vergie Speed


Murphy-rev.png“I have been able to reduce my fear significantly, have grown my business and have made the time to pursue other interests like writing, speaking and going back to school!”

I came to Emma during a time when I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to be doing. I was in deep conflict over my place in the world, my calling and my purpose. I own a business that was causing me a lot of stress and fear and those emotions were keeping me from fully living or expressing my gifts. 

Working with Emma over the past year, I have developed a very clear idea of where I am going, who I am, and what is mine to do in this world. I have been able to reduce my fear significantly, have grown my business and have made the time to pursue other interests like writing, speaking and going back to school!

Emma is very honest, grounded and FUNNY! I instantly warmed to her natural candor and easy-going approach. She is a great listener but, equally good at “reining in” when necessary. Emma helped me to learn that my soul purpose is to serve, inspire and to “heal” others. No matter what physical form that takes, as far as a “job”, my true occupation is not what I do….but who I am. and what I give to others.

Murphy Funkhouser Capps
Kudzu Brands CEO & Creative Director



Rashida-rev.png"As a result of working with Emma, I had my biggest sales month ever, $56k!"

Before working with Emma, I was stuck in a pattern of self-sabotage that was so deeply ingrained within me that even as a mindset coach I couldn't see it clearly for myself. Emma taught me how to surrender and allow. I learned that planning and strategizing isn't what needed to happen to build my empire; feeling safe in the world and in my business was.

As a result, I had my biggest sales month ever: $56k! I feel much more centered and grounded and confident in my business. I know that I am exactly where I need to be, that peace, joy and prosperity is available to me right now. I understand now that growing my empire can be easy when I surrender, allow, and receive.

Rashida Gay



Lorrie-rev.png“I’ve fallen in love with my companies all over again and I am more in tune and aligned with the clients and work I want to attract”

I was seeking a soulful, super savvy coach. I was also craving the wisdom of other established leaders who operate their business from a place of purpose. I didn’t expect Emma’s program  would cut subliminal ties that were holding me back from flying to the next level.

Nourishing myself with wisdom, community, and support helped me to grow in such a powerful way emotionally, spiritually, intellectually, giving me such a new perspective on who I am, what my value is, and where I can go.

Lorrie Thomas-Ross
Web Marketing Therapy
Wild Web Woman



MichaelDiettrech.png“I feel WAY more confident in who I am marketing to, how I am marketing to them, as well as what forms of marketing are most aligned to my personal style and strengths. I also have a clear plan for growing a multi-six figure business!" 

Before working with Emma, I hadn't done a long-term strategy for my business in quite some time.

The Intake process was extremely helpful for clarifying exactly what my goals are of my business in the next year, and where my priorities need to be. To be honest, I've been working IN my business so much I had lost sight of the bigger vision and strategy. Emma helped me to remember that I am the CEO of my business.

During our work together, we clearly identified the type of client who is a perfect fit for my front end offer. We also honed and refined that offer and price point, crafted marketing messaging and a webpage that clearly speaks to my ideal client, their top-of-mind pressing pain and the tangible results that are available to them when they work with me.

I feel WAY more confident in who I am marketing to, how I am marketing to them, as well as what forms of marketing are most aligned to my personal style and strengths. I also have a clear plan for growing a multi-six figure business!

Michael Diettrech-Chastain
Author, Speaker & CEO ARC INTEGRATED


Cynthia-rev.png“I integrated this breakthrough understanding into new web copy that helped me sign a $60,000 contract.”

Before I worked with Emma, I struggled to understand and articulate the multi-faceted, dimensional process I engaged clients in. And because of that, understanding its true value eluded me. If you’ve ever tried to describe or sell something you don’t fully understand, and therefore feel hazy about its actual value, you know how discouraging this is.

Emma’s teachings taught me why starting with my own heart and mind to grasp and describe the value of my work was life changing. Using the concepts and a very powerful springboard in the program, I was finally able to connect the dots and unite every step of what I do with the value it actually offers.

I ended up integrating this breakthrough understanding into new web copy that helped me sign a $60,000 contract. This is proof in the pudding that Emma’s profound teachings and soul-centered business approach start with the heart and THAT is where the money is.

Understanding your value -- really understanding it to your core -- is priceless. It’s a gift that never stops giving.

Cynthia Lindeman
Ghostwriter and Copywriting Coach



DrJenn-rev.png“I am making more money, making decisions with confidence, trusting my intuition, and I have been able to hire an employee and a virtual assistant so I can focus on what I really enjoy.”

I have known for a number of years that I was getting in my own way re: the success of my business. What I didn't know was how to get out of my way. I had worked with coaches in the past and had been working with another coach for 4 months when I had a consult with Emma.

She understood more of the challenges in my business after 30 minutes than the other coach did after 4 months and things continued to get better from there. She has helped me be me in my business, making decisions and creating systems that are aligned with me, and I am having a blast doing it.

On top of all of that, I am making more money, making decisions with confidence, trusting my intuition, and I have been able to hire an employee and a virtual assistant so I can focus on what I really enjoy. And it keeps getting better.

Dr. Jenn Hatfield
Owner, Mountain Phoenix Center for Vibrant Living



Heather-rev.png“Everything became easier. I attracted ideal clients, made more money with less effort and left feeling empowered and happy.”

Before working with Emma, I was completely burned out in my business. From the outside, it probably looked like things were great, but they weren’t. I had been pushing and hustling as hard as I could, following all the rules and checking off all the right boxes.

Because of Emma’s programs, I learned how to create a business that was life-giving and honored my innate energy and talent.  I learned how to access my inner wisdom, trust myself and give myself permission to do business in the way that was most aligned to me.

As a result, everything became easier. I attracted ideal clients, made more money with less effort and left feeling empowered and happy. Emma is the best and I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a coach with integrity, wisdom and the strength to keep you accountable to your own desire.

Heather Poduska
Personal Brand Strategist and Speaking Coach

Emma Churchman

“Emma’s grounding is what attracts my energy -- nothing phases her, she can easily hold space for others. It’s calming. I received deep deep breakthroughs that I hadn’t even known needed to be worked through. Emma’s gifts are numerous. I was honored and super impressed with my experience.”

Health and Wellness Coach

Emma Churchman

“Each time I work with Emma I feel myself daring to stake my claim in a territory that feels promptly terrifying and strangely familiar. Once again, Emma constantly mirrored the beauty, power and greatness in me that I sometimes doubt I possess. She challenged me. I leaned in. I climbed through some mud and muck and came out clearer, cleaner and more committed than ever to just get the hell out of the way and allow my Genius to shine! Emma’s ‘for reals’, peeps.”

Leadership Mentor / Voice Empowerment Master

Emma Churchman

“Before working with Emma, I always held on to the idea that I was here and my spirit was there. But through our work together they merged! Suddenly I didn’t need prayers or positive affirmations to make things happen at the soul level because my soul, my divinity was seen in my body. And that made everything so much easier, so much more pleasurable, and so much more fun. Which is a huge reason I was able to scale to $20k months within 6 months of my industry pivot from Marketing to Erotic Energy Coach!”

Erotic Energy Coach

Emma Churchman

“Emma Churchman kicks Manifesting Butt! Her no-nonsense and grounded approached touched me on all levels. She clearly knows her stuff...and ours too!! With precision and love, she gets to the heart of what it takes for conscious entrepreneurs to get out there and be a success. We definitely need more like her on this planet!!”

Seriously Orange Studio

Emma Churchman

“I tripled my income in 90 days! I was able to take a step back and re-evaluate my business and really examine if I was in alignment with all aspects of my business. I was pushing, pushing, and pushing to get things done and this was going nowhere fast! Thank you Emma for your great insight and helping me get back on track to empowerment!”

Naturopathic Physician

Emma Churchman

“I feel lighter, freer, and more expansive than I ever have. If you have done all the things, been successful, achieved all the outside trappings, know what they can and cannot do for you, and you’re really ready to deepen into your purpose and live and earn from that place, coaching with Emma is what you need.”

Interdimensional Business Engineer

Emma Churchman

“I never realized how much I had conditions in the work I did, such as a belief that I would have to fit what I desired into a box that was conventional and made sense to other people. The more I released my need to please, to be accepted, to be liked and valued by other people, I was able to step into my true and authentic identity in this world. Emma’s programs showed me exactly how to do this.”

SolRelfection, Therapeutic Image Consultant

Emma Churchman

“I hired Emma when the Universe gave me a BIG signal that I needed to create something revolutionary in my business. She supported my bigger vision brilliantly, helping me to get "Legendary Self" and "Being Mythic" out into the world within a month. I still refer to my personalized reports and even send them to a new team members, so they can get a good handle on how I work right away. ”

Oracle, Wayshower, Mythic Midwife

Emma Churchman

“In our first month of working with Emma, we doubled our income!”

Pleasure Evolution

Emma Churchman

“I went from being a $65/hr massage therapist to selling three $5000 coaching packages in my first 3 sales conversations!”

Wellness Psychic































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