Are you a conscious entrepreneur ready to make more money and wondering why the heck you can’t get off the financial roller coaster in your business?  

Do you long to master money, for good, so that you can be the leader in your business (instead of your dwindling checking account being the leader)?  

Do you have a love/hate relationship with money (you love it when you have it and you hate it when you don’t?)  

Are you ready to play a bigger game of transforming consciousness on this planet, and do you understand that making money and putting your money where your heart is, is the best way to shift our global economy and impact consciousness? If you said yes, 

I want to help you master money now!

In order to do that, you must understand that your relationship with money matters. Whatever is standing in the way of you having an audacious, gorgeous, life-giving relationship with money has Got To Go.

Because that is your path to Master Money Now!

I’m Emma Churchman, and I spent 17 years failing in business.  

I had no idea how to make good money doing what I love, or that I was contributing to the lack of money in my life and business! Three years ago everything changed, and I went from generating an average of $500 in monthly revenue to a multi-six figure business in one year with a basic website and no email list.  

Master Money Now will show you, step by step, exactly what I did to get into relationship with money and grow a multi-six figure business!  



Your Money Concept

  • Unpack your existing money story (because you have to know where you are now in order to figure out what needs to change!) 
  • Unlock your capacity to earn more money (because sometimes we actually limit our own ability to earn more money!) 
  • Uncover what money really is (and it’s NOT what you’ve been taught!)



Your Relationship with Money

  • Learn the #1 thing you have to do to start bringing more money into your business (and it’s not a sales conversation or marketing strategy!)  

  • Understand what you have to decide before you make more money.  
  • Master how to take less action and receive more money! (don’t we ALL want that?)  
  • Create your own Money Manifesto (because you must declare what you really want!)  
  • Debunk the myth of where money comes from (this one is going to surprise you!)  
  • Claim your greater purpose in the world (because if your purpose is only to make money I guarantee that will only get you so far!)



Get Out of Your Own Way

  • Learn to identify and manage the resistance that will always stop you (without learning how to do this you will never get off your financial roller coaster).
  • Uncover what you need to change in your impetus for earning more money. (Because sometimes why you are making money is actually the problem!)
  • Get upfront and personal with the money in your business and track it in a way that helps you make more money! (have I mentioned how fun it is to make more money?)
  • Discover my personal #1 secret for keeping money moving in my business (and it is NOT what the “experts” are talking about!)
  • Learn how to reframe your thinking about your business strategy and growth (because your thinking dictates your reality!)



Claim Your Desire

  • Determine how to lead with desire instead of fear (because money loves desire, and fear repels money). 
  • Discover how to create money NOW, not later (because who likes later?)
  • Uncover how to use your pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath and sloth for good (and for more money)!



Drop Your Money Blocks

  • Unlock a fabulous approach to attract money to you during sales conversations! 
  • Dive into failure and how to use it for good in your business. 
  • Understand your money blocks and learn to transform them (because who wants to block money?) 
  • Learn the #1 mindset shift to get better results in sales (this is my personal favorite!) 
  • Confront the biggest, deepest fear that all humans have and come out the other side of it more prepared than 95% of all entrepreneurs to attract more money!



Create Your Future

  • Discover how to continue manifesting more money in your business. 
  • Create your new money story, free of limiting beliefs and money blocks. 
  • Learn to Master Money Now (for today and every day to come)!

Private Membership Portal

Once you enroll in the program, you immediately receive lifetime access to a private membership portal where you can access lessons, exercises, and group coaching recordings!


6 Modules (24 Video Lessons) with Exercises

Each module contains 3-5 video lessons with exercises to ensure you get immediate results. Emma reads through all responses and gives personal feedback to all questions, concerns and feedback about the lessons.

In addition to all this, you get Bonuses!


Bonus: Transcripts of Video Lessons ($1,000 value) 


More confidence and clarity about your business (Priceless!)

Yours for Just $497! (or 3 payments of $187)


“I went from being a $65/hour massage therapist to selling three $5,000 coaching packages in my first three sales conversations!” Stacie Shepherd, Wellness Psychic 


“I tripled my income in 90 days!” Dr. Lulu Shimek, Naturopath


“In our first month of working with Emma, we doubled our income!” Rebekah Beneteau, Pleasure Evolution

This program is NOT for everyone and is NOT a one-size fits all, turn-off your responsibility, “will you just do it for me?” program. 

This program is for you if…

You’re an entrepreneur who desires to transform consciousness: I’m not about making money just for the sake of making money and my clients aren’t either. We make money because we want to have a greater impact on the world, and in order to do that we’ve got to play a bigger game, and put our money where our hearts are. Please do not sign up for this program if you are ONLY focused on making money.

You're ready to make the time: You know that if you want something you've got to create it. This is about creating the time for what you want NOW and about helping you step into your dreams for yourself now––not the ever elusive “someday” when you have more time. (That someday never comes until you DECIDE to make the time.)

You are ready for more: You’re done playing small. You’re done being on the financial roller coaster. You want more for yourself and your business and you’re willing to invest in yourself and in getting help to have what you want.


“My intention when enrolling in Master Money Now was to get help in getting to the root of limiting beliefs that I intuitively knew were standing in the way of my success as an entrepreneur.  

Emma and Master Money Now are steadily meeting my goals at a pace that is perfect with my busy schedule and yet keeps me pushing the edge of my fears and hesitation.  

You really can’t do this work alone folks. Emma’s rock-solid, tell-it-like-it-is coaching leaves me with no excuses and nowhere to hide while at the same time provides a place of caring and safety in which to dig deep.

What I have learned in Master Money Now has impacted not only my business, but every aspect of my life. When I learned to change my mind, I found more than change in my pocket! There are dollars adding up in my bank account.  

But what is even greater is, I am also beginning to attract all the other things I desired but also blocked because, at the root of it all, I was afraid of losing them again.  

Such freedom. Such joy. Such relief! I highly recommend Emma Churchman and this course to anyone who wants to have what I'm havin!” ~Pamela Jay, Voice Empowerment Mentor

Emma cropped.jpgI’m Emma Churchman and I’m the poster child for fear, scarcity and lack in business.

I have a long history of being a financially un-successful entrepreneur. Over nearly two decades of my on-again, off-again entrepreneurial journey, I dragged a ton of crap into my businesses: guilt with charging money for my gifts, fear of being visible, overwhelm at being a business owner, all mixed together with a massive amount of struggle. 

Most months I only generated $500 in sales. 

I would go to the grocery store and hope my credit card would be approved for my grocery bill. I was constantly balancing when and how to pay bills. And I was racking up debt. I carried so much shame about not having enough money. I was constantly telling myself it was noble to live so close to the poverty line, because that was the only thing that made me feel better. 

Three years ago, everything changed. I realized that I was getting in my own way by refusing to have a relationship with money. I grew my business from an average of $500 to an average of $20,000 in monthly sales in 30 days. My business grew to multiple-six figures in one year!

Today I understand why conscious entrepreneurs struggle with money in such profound ways. I know, because I was one of them, and because ALL of my clients come to me with money issues! I’d love to help you change your relationship to money.

Start Mastering Money Now!

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