Six + Seven Figure Business Owners:
Are you ready for expansion?


The blueprint for your next level of personal and professional expansion is available to you right now. 

Your soul knows the way.

My role as your Executive Coach and Spiritual Advisor is to help you expand into the next version of yourself by activating your unique soul design in your life and business.

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Here’s how the Spiritual Advisor 3-Month Private Mentoring Program Works:

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Step #1 is to identify and remove energetic blocks to financial growth and expansion.

When you have a financial or expansion block, the impact can look like stagnate sales, team member disruption, client turmoil, or little traction with marketing messaging or strategy. Using your Akashic Records and the Akashic Records of your business, I'll identify any blocks to your growth, and together we'll quickly clear the blocks, allowing for more money and ease to flow into your business.


Step #2 is to upgrade your energetic patterns to expand into greater possibilities, both personally and professionally.

In order to expand you must change your current vibration. In other words, you can't continue to do the same thing and expect to get new results. Same thing is true for your vibration. I will teach you the energetic tools necessary to raise your vibration and operate from your highest self. New opportunities for abundance will reveal themselves from this new perspective.

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Step #3 is to create an actionable blueprint for your next level of personal and professional expansionImagine building a house without a blueprint. The actionable blueprint details exactly where you want to take your life and your business over the next 12 months. It is a detailed resource to guide each step of your growth.

Experience customized accountability and strategic support through every step of the way!

You'll Receive 90 Days of Unprecedented Access to Me,

60-Minute Private Intensive 

To be utilized as soon as you enroll in the program, this intensive session will help you to clarify and strengthen your capacity to expand. We'll review your extensive intake assessment, showcase how your soul is designed to do business, and clear any energetic blocks within you impacting your personal and professional growth. We’ll create an actionable blueprint for your next level of personal and professional expansion. This session will be recorded for you in mp3 format.

30-Minute Assessment Sessions

Twice monthly we’ll meet privately for 30 minutes to review your actionable blueprint and upgrade your energetic patterns. You are able to bring the agenda items you feel most pressing to address to these sessions. These sessions will be recorded for you in mp3 format.  (In month one your first session will be 60 minutes, and your second session will be 30 minutes.) 

Complete Voxer Support

Sometimes you need answers and feedback immediately. You have a burning question, an inspired idea, an unexpected situation, or something that you want my psychic input on. Complete access is perfect for all of that! You have access to me, Monday through Thursday, for the first three weeks of each month, in order to receive the on demand support you need and deserve between your private sessions. This level of direct support from me is unprecedented and priceless!

Extensive Intake Assessment

Prior to your first session you’ll complete an extensive Client Intake Assessment. You’ll answer questions to identify and articulate how you are currently operating in your business, determine our focus for our 90 days together, and help me understand how to best support you, so we don't have to waste time during our first call getting to know the basics of you and your business!


Client Attraction Blueprint Course (Value $3k)

A 40-50 page report personally created for you, based on your Akashic Records, that showcases exactly how you are designed to create wealth and impact from soul design. This includes a BONUS 8-module course with short videos and worksheets that teaches you how to utilize your report to align your business with your soul design.

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I'm a HECK YES and ready to EXPAND!
Let's Get Started!!

My business tripled  DURING the global pandemic.

My private clients and I generated multiple millions of dollars, while we watched so many of our peers close their businesses forever.

I’ve helped visionaries, influencers, business owners, coaches, healing practitioners, gym owners/fitness professionals, marketing/brand strategists, visual artists, therapists, wholesalers, naturopathic/functional medicine doctors and others expand their wealth + impact.D6AA5BCB-384A-4621-A9E1-2205EC79BB03

The EASIEST way to expand wealth and impact is via soul alignment: doing business (and life!) in the way that is most natural to your soul. 

It’s not complicated, but very few have figured out how to work soul magic to get the results they desire in business. I have, and can show you.

Soul alignment isn’t about wish-craft, positive thinking, vision boarding into the wee hours, or winning the lottery. 

This is very specific, intentional alignment which is UNIQUE for each person. This is real world instruction to bring your divinity into your humanity to create actual abundance and tangible results.

My mentoring is grounded in decades of training - I’ve got two master’s degrees in Divinity and Metaphysics, and I’m currently a PhD candidate in Conscious Business Ethics. With immersion for over a decade in study and practice as an Akashic Records practitioner, 20+ years coaching and spiritual advising entrepreneurs, as well as 25 years personal experience in entrepreneurism, including as a Quaker minister, trauma and hospice chaplain--I’ve found the game of soul alignment to be the MOST FUN way to create wealth and impact.

I hold a sacred container for business owners and transformation + industry leaders, to help them create abundance by soul design. I help them expand their impact, achieve their wealth goals, and create a legacy, by giving actionable instructions and guidance for real-world results.

What I’ve discovered over the past two decades of working with business owners and leaders is that our souls already know what to do, but we’re not giving ourselves permission to do it. If there is anything in our life or business that is not 100% aligned with our soul design and our goals, we will block our next level growth. For new results, you’ll need to look at things you (or your previous mentors) have never even considered.

My psychic skills give you the secret sauce you've been craving.

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