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Have you ever wondered how you actually manifest things in your life and business?

Do you believe that you probably have a system that you use to manifest, you’re just not sure exactly what it is?

Have you ever manifested something really powerful but had no idea how it happened?

Are you ready to understand exactly how your Soul is designed to manifest all aspects of the human experience?

Great, I’d like to tell you about my Manifesting Blueprint!

The Manifesting Blueprint shows you how to vibrationally align to what you want. For some, there is a long history of trying to manifest in ways that are completely out of alignment with your Manifesting Blueprint. Be open to the possibility that how you have tried to manifest in the past is completely different than how your Soul is actually designed to manifest!

In your Manifesting Blueprint you will discover detailed information such as:

  • How interaction with others can serve or hinder you, depending on your design for manifesting.
  • Your exact "change process" when you want to manifest new results into your experience.
  • How you can self-sabotage by using the wrong motivation to move forward towards your goals, depending on your Manifesting Blueprint.
  • How certain societal principles present a direct opposition to how some of us are designed to manifest our experience.

The Manifesting Blueprint helps you understand exactly how your Soul is designed to manifest all aspects of the human experience, and it the basis for a lot of the coaching work I do.

The Blueprint is highly PRACTICAL and offers a very grounded perspective on translating your Soul's design for creation into every aspect of your life.

Every soul has a UNIQUE Blueprint. This is not a generic blueprint that all spiritually conscious people have. This is your unique blueprint based on a reading I do, personally, in your Akashic Records.

And this is a POWERFUL tool for you to create what you say you really want for yourself and your life!

At it’s root, your Manifesting Blueprint helps you give yourself permission to want what you really want (because, deep down, most highly conscious seekers ALREADY want to experience their Divinity within their humanity. Sometimes, though, we don’t know how to think beyond societal conditioning).

You can finally stop chasing goals that are not even congruent to who you are. And you can uncover what “real life” circumstances will allow you to experience your Divinity the most, and therefore create more abundance. Are you ready to start manifesting intentionally and consciously?

Are you curious about how to actually take action that is aligned to you are, so that abundance stops being a possibility and starts becoming a reality?

I’d love to help you discover your unique Manifesting Blueprint.

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