The hidden secret for success in business


You have to have faith.

In my last few blog posts I talked about how resistance can negatively impact your business in some profound ways. Recognizing forms of resistance is an important first step - and remaining an interested observer to your own resistance. But then what? How do you move away from fear and resistance and towards what you really want in your business?

Through faith.

Faith is the hidden secret for success in business.

Here’s the deal with faith in business - if you are going to set a new goal in your business and decide you will reach that goal there’s a whole bunch of steps that need to happen between where you are right now and your goal.

There are a lot of unknown factors, and lot of lack of clarity about the HOW - how you’re going to get from where you are to your goal.

You are best served to wade through all of this unknowing with faith.

Faith is what allows you to be in the unknown - to trust that even though you cannot see your goal and your desire visibly in front of you right now it is absolutely available to you.

If you have the desire, the way to achieve it must also already be available to you.

I believe that having unwavering faith in your desire is a big part of what’s going to keep you moving forward through the unknown.

Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.It takes exactly the same amount of energy to step out in fear as it does to step out in faith.

Both Faith and Fear are unseen. So, let me ask you this: where are you putting your energy right now?

When you put your focus on what you believe really helps you do is be in the unknown in your business. So much of the time as entrepreneurs we are in the unknown - we have a desire or a goal that we want to achieve.

We’re not sure exactly HOW we’re going to achieve that goal, but our desire is strong. Something needs to help us journey through the wilderness to move from where we are now to our goal.

Faith is what helps you to be in that wilderness, time and time again.

It also is what holds your entire business together - because so much of what we do in business involves stepping into the unknown. From my perspective, faith is the most important principle for success in business.

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