Here’s how to get the Universe to bring you money…


Have you ever wondered how to get the Universe to bring you money? Yep, me too. I spent years studying Universal laws and principles, and considering how my soul is connected to the Universe. And I’ve discovered something really interesting about how our mindset impacts the ability for the Universe to bring money to us. Let’s dive into the connection between the Universe and Abundance.

We’ll start with this paradigm about the Universe - because really getting this paradigm is paramount as an entrepreneur: You are a spiritual being, living in a physical body. Nothing in this Universe is outside of Spirit. Everything is created within Spirit, and you are a part of Spirit. You are the center of your own universe. I don’t mean this in a self-centered, self-serving way. What is mean is…

Everything in your experience is revolving around you.   So if there is something going on in your experience you are helping to cause that to happen. For example, with money, everyone has the same potential to earn money because potential is universal. We limit ourselves based on our current understanding and framework of the Universe and of money.

What is your current understanding of money? For years I believed that I was a victim to my world and that money was only available to gun-toting conservatives who wanted to blow our world up in the name of progress and abundance.

Do you believe that you can earn an infinite amount of money? If no, why not? For years I believed that money was finite, and only available to pay my bills and keep debt at bay, and that the best I could do in this world was ride out the suffering of life. The Truth is that money is all around you, all the time. You just need to open yourself to it.

Do you believe that the Universe is abundant? If not, why not? For years I believed that the Universe was a benevolent entity that would only bequeath its goodness on me if I deserved it. It had never occurred to me that the Universe is within me. The Truth is that if you believe that you are responding to the Universe and that the Universe is guiding you, you've got it backwards.

Do you believe that if money is not coming to you that your beliefs are creating a block to money? It took a money mindset coach telling me that I was the problem in my business for me to even consider that my thoughts impacted my financial reality. The Truth is that if you want to change your experience in your business you have to understand that you are the cause of your experience. You have to understand that your actions, or lack of actions, and your decisions, or lack of decisions, are causing your reality.

Do you believe that money comes from other people? The truth is that money is energy, it comes from the Universe to you, through other people. It doesn’t come from people. When you Know that the Universe is Abundant (Money Mindset Strategy) you can reframe your understanding of money and what is possible for you and your business. 


P.S. Be sure to let me know in the comments your biggest takeaway! (I respond to every comment personally.) 

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Frances Hickmott

You know I hadn't really considered in quite the way you put it about how the Universe is responding not guiding. That level of opportunity to create the level of abundance and money to flow my way is almost heart stopping. You can hear or read things a thousand times, but then all of a sudden, it clicks.

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