Beloved, On this shortest day and longest night of the year, here is what I want you to know...



On this shortest day and longest night of the year, here is what I want you to know:

I’m so proud of you. You have stepped into your own in ways I know you could not have even imagined for yourself.

There were so many times when you were afraid to let go and RECEIVE.

I know that the little child inside of you was terrified of not tracking all the details in your business and letting go and flying because paying that close attention to everything is what kept you safe as a child.

It was your source of security.

You have spent decades clinging onto to everything. It’s how you got out alive.

Letting go for you has felt like walking into the fire.

Opening yourself up to receive has felt dangerous.

I can feel the pain in your heart right now just acknowledging how life or death this unfolding has felt to you.

Your fear of asking for what you need and receiving what you need would wake you up in the middle of the night.

The fear had you doubting making that next hire in your business, doubting turning over major projects to your team, doubting your messaging, doubting that the money would keep showing up if you weren’t 100% focused on it.

The fear had you doubting your deep soul need to be cared for and loved. For so many years you made yourself bad and wrong for desiring support. You were taught to always care for yourself and do everything on your own.

You were taught that asking for support (let alone receiving support) was bad and wrong and completely selfish.

Your willingness to go against that deeply ingrained teaching and take a powerful stand for yourself by asking for AND receiving support has been so good for you.

It has helped you to heal.

It has allowed your team to grow.

It has improved your sleep, helped you fall in love with your life and your business, enabled you to more deeply accompany your clients, and allowed you to be even more transparent with your Tribe.

Most of all, you have learned to love ALL of who you are. Because of that, our connection has deepened.

Because of that, you are able to show up more fully and completely.

I see you now trusting yourself in your business.

I see you trusting your team. I see you trusting yourself.

I see you Sourcing yourself with LOVE.

I see you expanding.

Every time you trust you ALLOW.

Every time you trust you RECEIVE.

Every time you trust you EXPAND.

Every time you return to the truth of who you are: whole and complete and full of Love and Light.

This is the purpose. This is the journey. This is the destination. This is the everything.

Love, Your Soul


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