There will come a moment for you where you literally cannot see the way forward with growing your empire.


There will come a moment for you (if you haven’t already experienced it) where you literally cannot see the way forward with growing your empire.

You’ve tried all the things, you’ve worshipped at the feet of the guru and 8 figure business owner, you’ve modeled your business after all of the “successful” ones and all you have to show for it is resentment, fear, indecision, and complete disconnection to your soul and the whole entire reason you started the business in the first place.

For those of you who are not yet at this point, let me emphasize that I am in no way, shape or form being over-dramatic in this description.

I cannot tell you HOW MANY “successful” six figure, multi-six figure and 7 figures entrepreneurs have told me that they hate their businesses and they feel like frauds.

There is a moment in the growth of your business, if you’re a conscious entrepreneur, that generally happens sometime between years two and five.

You’ve hit six figures and beyond. You have everything in place. You’ve got the strategy. You’ve got the team.

And you can’t stand your business.

You can’t stand always pushing to meet the next sales goal, trying to keep ahead of the financial roller coaster and the bigger and bigger bottom line you’ve created for yourself as you’ve grown your business.

You are seconds from walking away from your business.

But if you’re willing to stop and pause long enough you have this From-God-On-High moment of recognition that the money doesn’t matter as much as being on the journey of becoming yourself.

If you listen enough you recognize that you thought it was about the money, or the fame, or proving that you could do it, or giving the middle finger to “the man” (or your parents, or your former employer, or whoever).

Maybe you put a spiritually appropriate bent on it and told yourself your business was in service to others, foremost and only.

You get your business growth is actually NOT about any of those things.

It is about your soul playing full out and expressing itself here on this planet.

Anything other than that is just about you trying to look good, even if you’re saying that your business exists only in service to others. Maybe especially if you are telling yourself that.

Your business absolutely can benefit others, but your business will never flourish in the way it is truly capable of if you try to make it about anything about your soul expressing itself and being on that journey of self-expression.

Your business is the platform for your spiritual evolution.

Your business exists in service to your soul, not the other way around.

Because the journey of becoming fully expressed it isn’t worth it if you are overworking, if you are still trying to do business “the right way,” if you have hired the truckload of experts and done everything precisely perfectly because when it comes to your business you are radically disciplined, and an exceptional student, and you always show up and do the work.

If you are doing all of those things and not flying in your business, not lit up and excited by the possibility that once again your soul gets to play in the playground of your business, then you will never get to experience the ultimate success of business: total and complete fulfillment.

If that is what is going on for you right now, here is what I want you to know:

Everything that is happening right now is in truth shaking things up so you can find your real path to prosperity.

Everything that doesn’t work is being taken from you so the truest parts of yourself remain.

The only true discipline you need in your business is absolute and exquisite attention to your soul.

Your soul knows the way to grow your empire.


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