I do not care if I never make another cent again in my business.


I do not care if I never make another cent again in my business, I’m just going to show up in service to my soul.

I have been skirting around claiming this sentence as MY ULTIMATE TRUTH for most of 2018.

This is about being the artist who creates art for art’s sake, not art that they think will sell, or that they think will be alluring to their ideal audience.

This is about sharing my unique soul expression with the world regardless.

No exceptions.

Your soul is your art.

You are the artist: leaning in, listening, trusting, giving voice and visual expression to your soul.

This is about trusting my soul to guide the creation of the business, not my ego, not what the experts think I should be doing, or even what my clients and prospects want me to do.

This is about showing up full out for your soul even if you do not yet have any personal proof that following your soul is going to make you money.

This is about following your soul BEFORE you see that it is having an impact in the world. BEFORE you see the money, clients, resources, support, etc. showing up to support your soul expression.

This is about TRUSTING your soul guidance even though you have NO EVIDENCE that it is going to work.

This is about being in such faith and trust that this is the ONLY path for you that you just keep showing up in service to your soul.

Without PROOF.


Without, God Forbid, a pre-determined marketing strategy.

Without knowing the HOW, in advance.

This year I’ve just found myself, over and over again, DONE with any niggling desire to be in fear or scarcity EVER in my business. I’m DONE with having to know BEFORE the results appear.

I’m DONE with caring (or obsessing) about the HOW.

I’m done with questioning where the clients are going to come from, if a marketing strategy is going to work, if the business is growing the “right” way, if I am serving my clients the “best” way.

I’m DONE with spending time in any environment, emotion, or way of being that does NOT SERVE MY SOUL.

I’ve been flirting with consistently showing up in service to my soul at THIS LEVEL for most of this year (and if I’m honest for most of my life and certainly most of my 20 years of entrepreneurism.)

Because most of the time, doing so makes no logical sense.

I’ve carried a ton of stories about how business takes so much TIME, how I have to be the LEADER of the business and spend more time leading, how I need to focus more on building infrastructure, or how I only have time for my soul in the wee hours of the morning when I wake up at 5 am before the “real” work begins.

Those stories have kept me in this pattern in my business with intermittent growth, which for me manifests as radical breakout sales months followed by a slow sales month. Sales always reflect my internal state.

Because I haven’t been trusting my soul absolutely and completely 100% of the time.

The other day I was sharing with a Mastermind partner that I actually need a minimum of six hours a day JUST to nurture my relationship with my soul, so that she can feel fully supported. Time to journal, reflect, tune in, be on the land, hike, run, create, expand, etc.

Massive time to TUNE IN and tune out everything that is not my soul’s voice.

SIX HOURS A DAY, minimum.

How bougie is that, right?

Except for at this point in my business growth, as I’m scaling to 7 figures, it has become less and less optional.

I cannot compromise my full soul expression.

My priority must be holding the energetic signature of my business so that it is always aligned to my soul.

That is how the business is able to up level. This is how I am able to easily and readily take aligned action that gets massive results.

If I was an Olympic athlete in training it would 100% make logical sense to spend a minimum of six hours a day honing my body, mind and spirit for my craft.

In my case, I need to do the same thing, but in service to my SOUL.

It is physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually painful to not allow my soul to express herself exactly how she desires.

I cannot prioritize anything other than listening for soul guidance and acting on soul guidance because my soul is on this planet to express herself, full out, and I believe that supporting this 100% is the path to healing and transforming consciousness on this planet.

(Wow I can feel some of you reading this being like, seriously Emma, are you kidding me? Go feed starving children. That will make more of an actual difference. For me the answer is NO it will not. That is not what my particular soul is designed to do. I am here to catalyze people to tap into their soul and their genius, remove anything standing in the way of that, and share their soul with the world. That is my unique purpose. That is what I am so brilliant at, and what is as easy for me as breathing. How could I not share THAT with the world first and foremost?)

My soul has a giant f*cking mission and she cannot do it if I only allow her to show up 30 minutes a day or when it happens to be convenient for my ego or my schedule.

The truth is that listening to my soul is what has gotten me to this level of “success” financially, with the kick-ass amazing team that supports the business, with our phenomenal clients, with the products and services that have been created, with all of the marketing and sales systems and infrastructure in place.

But the thing is MY SOUL DOESN’T CARE ABOUT MONEY. My soul definitely doesn’t care about sales funnels or email campaigns. My soul doesn’t care about business infrastructure or leading team meetings.

My soul cares about LIFE, Expression, and healing the planet.

My business exists IN SERVICE TO MY SOUL, not the other way around.

When I am tuned into my soul, I am LIT up.

The result is that the business FLOWS. Content happens easily, clients receive exquisite support, being the leader of my business is easy, marketing and sales and creation are fun! Because everything it aligned.

I believe that when we are doing our genius and expressing ourselves fully as the amazing spiritual beings that we are, the money flows. Because the Universe (which is you, which is everything around you) desires to support LIFE.

The foundation of the entire Universe is ABUNDANCE.

The Universe doesn’t want to you to DO YOU and SUFFER YOUR WAY through life.

Because Life in this 3D world is easier with money.

It is easier on your nervous system to not constantly be freaking out about being able to pay your basic bills.

It is easier on your own well being to not feel the weight of mounting debt. It is easier to be able to give freely and readily to others when your own cup is full.

You do not have to be a starving artist.

That would NOT be in full alignment because that is not life-giving. The Universe is always for more LIFE.

Your job, your purpose, the reason that should cause you to leap out of bed in the morning is to be in radical expression of the essence of who you are.

To be the artist painting your soul into the world.

To take on the craft of self-expression and allow your business to support this expression.

TO NOT MAKE IT ABOUT THE MONEY, or the perfect sales funnel, or the “right” marketing strategy, or where the next client is coming from.

It is only then, in that deep surrender to your soul’s guidance, in that paradigm shift of understanding that your soul comes first and everything else follows, that true abundance - of clients, of money, of time, of support, of everything - is actually possible and PROBABLE and CERTAIN.

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Nyambura Ndiba

Thank you Emma for this inbox message that I needed to hear. To know that all I need is my Soul to please, trust as my guide in order to bring my business into the physical with ease and grace. Blessings 

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