Here is my review of Jen Sincero's newest book...


Here is my review of Jen Sincero’s newest book, You are a Badass Everyday.

Side note: I heard her speak here in Asheville, NC last week, and asked her for her perspective on linear time. (I’m playing the game right now that time is an illusion, and because she is all about being able to manifest everything you desire, I definitely wanted her take on this.)

My comment: How would you advise someone who has set a sales goal, or enrollment goal, and has set a specific deadline to achieve the goal?

Her response: Absolutely do everything you can to meet the deadline you have created for yourself. And, ultimately, the how and the when are up to the Universe.

I get that.

I also think it’s about becoming an energetic match to what we want to attract or achieve. Without becoming an energetic match we cannot meet our goals because we are not yet vibrationally aligned to them.

At any rate, here is my book review:

You Are a Badass Every Day is a great primer on how to uplevel your vibration. It’s the most woo stuff Jen has written about to date.

Snort-worthy quote: “Clinging to fear doubt and worry…is like hitting yourself in the head with a rock all day long so you can be prepared in case something falls out of the sky and hits you in the head.”

Words of Wisdom quote: “The Moment of Truth or Proof is the moment when all our no-nonsense dedication to achieving our goals and all our excitement about the brand-new life we’re creating for ourselves either stays strong or goes poof into a La-Z-Boy-shaped puff of smoke…This is your one and only life we’re talking about here. Stay the course.”

Best advice quote: “Badassery doesn’t happen in a vacuum…You absolutely must surround yourself with high vibe people.”

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My review of Jen Sincero’s newest book…


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