I back myself 100%


Even when it is scary, even when it makes no logical sense, even when I know it’s going to make other people uncomfortable, or me uncomfortable, and even when it costs money or time or resources that I don’t necessarily want to give. Because I come first in my world, without exception.

The past 48 hours have been quite challenging for me with news that could have derailed me personally and professionally. I kept reminding myself of the bigger picture and the truth of who I am.

I kept my focus on remaining aligned to my soul, surrendering to what is, and being willing to release everything that does not f*cking serve me.

I had the experience of being stripped down to the essence of who I am in a very short amount of time.

I welcome this.

It is time.

Again. (Because, you know, this happens for those of us who choose to be conscious…)

Something snapped within me this morning and I said to myself, as I often do, "F*ck this shit, what else is possible?”

(Side note: USE THIS, it works if you work it.)

This is always a defining moment for me, because this is the moment I make a powerful DECISION that changes the trajectory.

I got out of indecision and fear and discomfort and the path forward appeared. Even though, honestly, with a powerful decision the HOW truly doesn’t matter anymore. Because it’s already done. Embodying that LEVEL of decision requires that the HOW works itself out.

I found myself in total trust that things would unfold for my highest good, and for the highest good of all. I didn’t need to WORRY about the how. I just needed to embody the strength of my decision.

Action to take naturally arose from that decision. I didn’t have to *think* about what action to take, I just noticed myself beginning to take it. That’s how I knew it was soul aligned.

And of course, on the flip side, hours later as the sun is setting, I have such a sense of peace with the decision that I made, and the actions that naturally arose from it.

I spent the money. I changed the plan. I shook up what I thought things were going to look like in 1st quarter 2019. I made the risky move with a few relationships. Because the second I recognize something is NOT IN ALIGNMENT for me it has to change. Otherwise, it brings my life and my business to a screeching halt.

Without exception.

That is how finely tuned my alignment muscle is.

Of course, it was time for me to make a decision.

Of course, there was a different way forward.

Of course, this is all for the highest good.

With each powerful decision, I make I become stronger within myself because I affirm my inner strength, the depths of my courage, and my capacity to choose what is for the greater good even if in the moment I don’t like it.

What helps me most at times like this?

To not be in resistance to what is unfolding before me.

To show up, be present, be in the decision and TRUST with each breath I take.

To make the powerful decision and then take action as soon as it reveals itself.

That is what builds momentum. That is what allows for flow.

To trust the process.

Courage is a choice.

Trust is a choice.

Alignment is a choice.

Freedom is the result.


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