Here are the things I WILL be doing in 2019


馃檶 Spending time with folks who understand that we have the wild and precious gift of existence on this planet right now, and the world is fully available to support us.

馃檶 Spending more time with friends and spiritual family who I LOVE and who LOVE me.

馃檶 Prioritizing my core values of communication and courage.

馃檶 Loving on my clients and supporting their growth 100%, in the FIERCE way I do as their mentor.

馃檶 Working less than 25 hours a week, because results show that any work beyond that NEVER supports my business growth.

馃檶 Dropping the concept of strategic business growth, because my soul don鈥檛 roll that way.

馃檶 Investing in my team, supporting them in doing their genius, and paying them VERY WELL.

馃檶 BEING the CEO of my business.

馃檶 PLAYING in the playground of my business.

馃檶 Visioning, nurturing my team, creating content, messaging and serving clients in my business, and THAT IS IT.

馃檶 Loving my body, because seriously, my body is amazing. It practically healed itself from Lyme disease in 2018 and caused me to create more sustainability in my life and business.

馃檶 Continuing to eliminate gluten and sugar, because even though my mind believes I love you my body throws a fit every time I eat you.

馃檶 Continuing to invest in sleep, supplements, and alternative medicine and healing modalities to support my health and well being.

馃檶 Continuing to invest in MY growth.

馃檶 Loving myself and backing myself 100%.

馃檶 FALLING IN LOVE with myself and everyone around me.

馃檶 Dating men who uplift me energetically and GET ME.

馃檶 Putting my money where my heart is and supporting conscious entrepreneurs in impacting our global economy in positive ways.

馃檶 Prioritizing my spiritual practices.

馃檶 Making ART.

馃檶 Beginning my days with journaling and deep listening to my soul.

馃檶 Spending time each day in nature, on the land, connecting.

馃檶 Being in the energy of abundance, possibility, freedom and LOVE.

馃檶 Tapping in, listening more, connecting with God/Universe/Spirit/Truth/Soul.

馃敟 Dropping the SHOULD.

馃敟 Dropping the HUSTLE.

馃敟 Dropping the HOW.

馃敟 Dropping the WHEN.

馃敟 Dropping the IF ONLY, THEN.

馃敟 Dropping ANY story that I am not enough or I am not worthy.

馃挜 Claiming my power to HEAL and ELEVATE conscious entrepreneurs.

馃挜 TRUSTING myself.

馃挜 Keeping on my GROWTH EDGE, with how I am showing up as the brand of my business, how I am showing up in intimate relationships, how I am showing up with my clients and team.

馃挜 Opening myself up to RECEIVING EVEN MORE.



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