Beloved, it is time to surrender.


It is time to surrender to the *knowingness* of how this is all supposed to work out, to the coulda shoulda woulda, to the expectation of whatever the f*ck you think success and impact are.

It’s time to strip away the way you think this all has to go down, because your rigidity binds you. It is your internalized oppression, keeping you from your truest way of being in the world.

Can you fathom the idea that you have been oppressing yourself?

You became an entrepreneur for freedom, for choice, to be able to fully express yourself without constraint and yet you have created an entire business model that binds you to the how and the strategy and the pushing and the hustling and the needing to continually grow to meet your ever increasing bottom line.

So, yeah, you created that.

How about that?!

How does it feel knowing that you literally created in your own business exactly what you were trying to escape from?

It happens all the time.

It happens especially when we do not trust ourselves - the deepest parts of ourselves, our souls, to lead the way with business growth. It happens when we think our initial success was a fluke and we start trying to do business the “right” way. It happens when we think we don’t know enough to be the CEO and leader of an empire.

I have found this to be especially true for conscious entrepreneurs. Our genius is in healing and coaching, not in business growth, right?


You COULD continue to grow your business in this oppression model. Totally. Lots of entrepreneurs do. You could probably even get to 7 figures that way. But then when you reach whatever you have deemed to be *success* you’re going to end up burnt out, resentful, and probably hating your business.

You’ll either quit, sell, or decide to rebuild your business another way.

That sounds like a lot of work to me. A lot of exhaustion and sleepless nights leading to one day being able to prove to the world that you are successful followed by massive resentment and burnout. And that entire process could take YEARS of your life.

Your other option is to begin right now, this moment, to create a sustainable foundation for your business. Right now you could birth a business aligned to your soul, where you can trust yourself completely to grow your business in a way that feels good AND works. Like works better than you ever could have imagined.

Right now you could choose to operate from ease, joy, and grace.


It takes MASSIVE trust, faith, and deep listening to your soul to grow this kind of business. It takes the willingness to be in the unknown and trust the process. It takes a deep desire to BE IN the process of growth, to understand that that is the destination, not whatever you currently think the end goal is.

It requires falling in love with yourself, with your business, with your mission, over and over again.

It requires BECOMING the biggest, truest version of yourself.

It is the spiritual path.

It is the awakened path.

It is the path of transforming consciousness on this planet, beginning with yourself and your business.

For me, this is the whole f*cking point. This is why I am here. This is my purpose. This is my mission.

To show up fully; to have a full contact, no holds barred relationship with myself and the world.

That’s what gets me out of bed in the morning. Not more money, not more business infrastructure, not more clients, not more fame or prestige or *likes* on my Facebook page.


More play in this playground of life.

Each time you ask yourself, HOW is this going to happen, you keep yourself from possibility.

Each time you choose the seductive path of fear, you close the door on faith, your most competent business partner.

Each time you pick strategy over deep listening, you deny the part of yourself most able to lead your business - your soul.

Each time.

How do you want to spend your time this year?


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