Here is what I know about money...


Here’s what I know about money, from having spent years now mentoring conscious entrepreneurs on money mindset, and from my journey of having exponential financial growth in my business followed by periods of stagnation and other types of growth:

My first business mentor taught me to always keep my focus on my financial goal, and to never waiver from this focus. That worked for me in my initial period of exponential growth (from $500 in monthly sales to a multi-six figure business in one year with a basic website and no email list).

Now I understand that it worked because I was employing the “deadly sin” of pride. I was out to prove something - to my ex-fiance, to my family, to my faith community, to every employer who ever fired me or didn’t see my genius. That driven energy of “proving” got me results.

But it also put me into a habit in my business of always pushing, striving, and hustling my way to the next goal. It reinforced patterns of fear and scarcity within me that ultimately brought my business to a standstill the year after I reached multi-six figures.

It took most of that year for me to come to a different understanding about what money really is for me in my business: it is the byproduct of feeding my soul.

Here’s what I mean:

The outcome (money) is the byproduct of me doing my purpose in the world. When I do my purpose, I feel abundant, the actions in my business are aligned to that energy of abundance, and, most importantly, my soul is FED by my business.

Material success is the byproduct of following soul guidance and nurturing my soul.

You don’t get to be financially successful as a conscious entrepreneur and THEN decide to follow your soul.

Well, I mean, you can, but that is the path riddled with fear, scarcity and hustle, and every. single. conscious entrepreneur I know who has taken THAT path has ultimately burned their business to the ground (after they have reached 7 figures or whatever their goal was) and only then recreated their business from their soul.

Because THAT is the sustainable business model for conscious entrepreneurs.

This was a significant paradigm shift for me a few years ago: total and complete trust that if I feed my soul the money will follow.

I had been coaching already from the perspective that if you are a conscious entrepreneur every aspect of your business (marketing, sales, product/services, clients, business systems, team) must be aligned to you, but I didn’t initially get that TRUE alignment can’t happen until you feed your soul (first and foremost) via the platform of your business.

The game that I’m playing now in my business is scaling to 7 figures, because my SOUL DESIRES to have that IMPACT, to reach that many conscious entrepreneurs, to be that VISIBLE, to play that FULL OUT.

My focus, day to day, is on following soul guidance to lead me on that path. But it is not following my soul IN ORDER TO get to 7 figures. I follow soul guidance to feed my soul. 7 figures is the natural outcome, but not the POINT. It is an intention, but it does no dictate my day to day reality.

I am an artist creating art via the platform of my business. I do art for art’s sake, not because I *think* it will sell, not because I *think* my audience will like it, not because I *think* it will make me look good.

I do it because I can’t NOT DO IT. I do it because that is who I am.


Monique Salazar

I love this. I do this because I can't NOT DO IT. I do it because this is who I am! I say this to myself so often. :)

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Megan Burke

Amazing and so inspiring! Thank you for this truth telling and reminder of when we come from Source we're always guided to our best good
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