Money follows ease, not struggle.


I’m writing this from a plane enroute to Miami, Florida. I made a radical commitment to myself that this trip will be about experiencing ease and releasing struggle. I am ready for a juicy, life-giving relationship with ease.

Because, if I’m honest, my Achilles heel is struggle. I love to do too many things, all the time. I love to overcomplicate things and create new systems at the drop of a hat. As my business manager will tell you, I love to ADD, not subtract.

I think my mind gets bored actually, if it doesn’t have something to chew on. But the result is that I do TOO MUCH. And it doesn’t help me, my business, or my well being. Or my social life. Or my vacation schedule.

Money is attracted to ease, not struggle.

As I scale my business I find myself walking this tightrope of keeping in alignment, not adding anything EXTRA, not putting my energy anywhere that doesn’t get me results (or feed or nurture me).

🔥 It can feel completely terrifying to release DOING in order to get new results, but this is what is required to grow your empire.

🔥 What I used to get away with I can no longer. Any patterns that I have of self-sabotage, overwork, trying, hustling, heck, even efforting HAVE TO GO.

I’m telling you this because honestly I wish that another 7 figure entrepreneur would have warned me about this two years ago when I started to notice that I couldn’t get away with ANY SINGLE FRIGGING THING out of alignment for me. Or, maybe a kind entrepreneur did and I just wasn’t willing to listen at the time.

HEED this message, conscious entrepreneurs growing your empires…

What is aligned to your soul matters. It matters in how you run your business, who works in your business, what the infrastructure of the business looks like, how you interact with clients, how you approach marketing and lead generation, and how you show up for sales. It matters in what food you put in your body, how much sleep and exercise you get, whether or not you’re paying attention to what your body needs, how you begin your days, who you hang out with, who you date or partner with, who you allow into your house, what environments you put yourself in, what you do and don’t commit to.


This is a warning and it is a promise.

This is the path of abundance.

This is the path of opportunity.

This is the path of your soul being able to truly shine and soar in the world.

This is the path of EASE. And, just to review, money loves ease. I bet you will too!


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