You're not chasing cash, you're chasing security.


There are a ton of entrepreneurs out there who are great at taking risks.

Honestly, this is the mark of a good entrepreneur: their willingness to take risks and step out into the unknown over and over (and over) again.

But here’s the thing that I see with a lot of risk-taking entrepreneurs:

We take the risk in search of security.

We leap into the unknown toward the destination of security, which we label as 6 figures, 7 figures, dream home, dream team, “enough” money in the bank, the perfect relationship or marriage, the perfect body, the perfect dream vacation.

Our “If, then” patterns keep us always seeking security outside of ourselves.

🙌 As if we are not already all powerful.

🙌 As if we are not already God.

🙌 As if we are not already fully capable of backing ourselves 100% in all situations.

🙌 As if we haven’t already created radical magic a million times over.

🙌 As if we are unwilling to see our power or our greatness.

Because we are afraid of that level of responsibility.

Who are you to feel 100% secure within yourself?

Who are you to be completely self-possessed?

That is not the human path. In humanity, security cannot happen without tribe and without possessions, right?


When you are continually searching for security outside of yourself you will always be chasing the carrot in your business.

You will never feel like you have arrived.

You will never feel safe or secure in your reality.

Beloved, that is no way to live.

P.S. Ready to stop chasing security in your business and invest in yourself?


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