Everything that is happening in your business right now is for your highest good.


Everything that is happening in your business right now is for your highest good.

This shaking out is absolutely necessary for your business to move to the next level.

The high degree of discomfort you are feeling is a reminder that you are on your growth edge, yet again. I know you believe that you only need to bump up against your growth edge intermittently, and that you’d prefer to only be on the edge when it’s convenient, but that is not how Spirit works.

You know, Divine Timing and all.

The more you are on your growth edge, the less it will derail you. This is a muscle you are stretching and growing. The daily discipline of leaning in, saying yes, feeling the fear and moving forward anyway is SO GOOD FOR YOUR SOUL.

Because the more you do this the more you are able to say YES to your soul and NO to your human limitations.

This is the perfect moment to take a big risk.

It feels uncomfortable because it goes against everything you were taught as a human - to play it safe, to not stir the pot, to draw between the lines, to keep your head down, to ensure the tribe will protect you, to get to death as safely as possible.

💥 You’re a spiritual being having a human experience. Not a human having a spiritual experience. 💥

You are not inherently designed to exist only in the box of “human.”

Facing the unknown is the only choice you have if you want to progress.

💥 Growth requires the leap of faith.💥

Allow your courage to lead you.

❤️ Listen to your heart and soul, not your head. ❤️

Of course, it is going to feel uncomfortable. Of course, it is going to bring you to your knees, wailing. Of course, all of your sneaky forms of resistance are going to show up in an effort to stop you.

Of course.

But what if there was another way?

🙌 What if you could simply fly?

🙌 What if you kept saying yes, please, more?

🙌 What if you knew you would be safe regardless of what happened?

🙌 What if you could trust the process?

🙌 What if you simply backed yourself 100% and went with the current?

🙌 What could be possible then?


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