Have sales stopped flowing?


Ever had a month (or quarter!) where you just can’t seem to get lead generation to work or sales to flow in your business?

It can be downright painful, especially if you’re *doing* all the right things marketing/systems wise.

And then even MORE especially if you’ve hired experts to help you do ALL the right things, and you’ve built up a big infrastructure to support all the rightness and instead of generating more money you’re actually just massively leaking money.

If that’s the case, you probably have an energy block: something within you that is literally stopping the flow of money into your business.

It can be crazy-making until you understand how to identify the block and what to do, specifically, to get the money flowing again:

Here are the things I do to jumpstart the flow:

  1. Notice anywhere I am denying myself what I desire.

    Maybe that looks like:

    👉 Trying to sell a program you’re not 100% excited about

    👉 Telling yourself that you can’t take a day off because you “should” be marketing more

    👉 Doing the *right* marketing that you actually can’t stand and is a huge energetic mismatch for you

    👉 Beating yourself up by playing the coulda/would/shoulda game

    👉 Marketing to prospects who are no longer ideal because they’ve bought from you historically

    (Ouch! Any of that truth pierce your heart?)

    💥 Denying what your soul actually longs for can bring your sales to a screeching halt. 💥

  2. Cultivate fun and creativity:

    If I’m not having fun in my life or business (or both!) flow stops. I can often jumpstart it by doing something new (going to a new place locally, or traveling). Creative expression is also big for me. Sometimes that’s creating a new sales funnel, or making art, or going hunting for my dream house.

    💥 Anything that gets your juices flowing, in or out of your business, allows money to flow. 💥

  3. Re-Commit to my spiritual practices:

    Anytime I fall off the bandwagon with doing my spiritual practices my sales slow.

    Like frigging clockwork.

    For me these look like: daily journaling, daily “sermon” writing (my blogposts), dialoguing with the soul of my business and with money, hiking, eating happy organic food, getting enough sleep, and listening to Solfeggio frequencies.

    Not complicated at all, but consistency is required.

    💥 Rinse and repeat your spiritual practices. You can’t have flow without connection. 💥

  4. Create a demand for new money to show up:

    Desiring new money (sales) in your business just to pay down debt or just so you can feel more secure isn’t actually enough of an incentive to generate new sales.

    Because, frankly, the Universe doesn’t care about your mortgage payment.

    It cares about abundance and you expressing yourself fully. Maybe that looks like a trip, or a new car, or a photoshoot, or a new team member to handle the tasks that keep you from soul expression.

    💥 Monetize a way to express your soul in a new way and the money flows. 💥  


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