Have a 6+figure business and STILL on the financial roller coaster?


Are you constantly having to hustle to meet your monthly goals, getting great results sometimes, but falling short other months?

Do you long for CONSISTENCY and income that’s dependable?

It could be that you are handling your financial upleveling the wrong way.

Say what?!?

🙌 Your income is always a perfect match for your vibrational state.

🙌 You are in perfect energetic resonance with whatever amount of money is currently in your bank account.

🔥 If you want to attract more money into your experience, you have to expand your vibrational state. 🔥

I don’t mean vibing with your Guides or with Spirit, or just thinking positive thoughts.

I mean literally shifting your physical vibrational state, because that determines what you attract into your physical human experience. This isn’t about just thinking more abundantly, this is about actual income landing in your bank account.

How do you shift your physical vibrational state? By taking new action.

You can think new thoughts and shift your emotions all you want. But at the end of the day you need to change your physical vibrational state by DOING something different if you want more income.

Your vibrational state is like a rubber band - it is designed to stretch.

We are designed to deal with unusual and extraordinary situations as human beings - because back in the day we had to be able to run away from the bear or chart unchartered territory.

We love to travel because that stretches us vibrationally - to go to new places and see new things. We can stretch our vibrational state to deal with extraordinary circumstances, but then we go back to surviving as usual.

We contract.

That makes the business of permanently upleveling our income difficult to navigate.

We can take extraordinary action in our business for a short time. We can host a live event, launch a new program, travel and speak, and receive a major cash infusion. Which is great, right?!

But then what happens next is we contract. We have to recover. That extraordinary action wasn’t sustainable. So we return to our financial “normal.”

In fact, we can actually create LESS income in subsequent months, and over the course of a year make the SAME income as the year prior, because our breakout month was followed by slower sales months.

That’s the rubber band effect in action … we s-t-r-e-e-t-c-h our vibrational state for a while, only to contract back to “normal.”

What if you could permanently alter your vibrational state, so that you’re no longer contracting? Because that is what it really takes to alter your income level permanently. This is about taking new action in a way that is sustainable for the long term. The new action must become a NORMAL part of your reality.

💥 Most entrepreneurs treat a financial uplevel like a sprint rather than a marathon. 💥

Their income fluctuates wildly. They get in the habit (dare I say addiction!) of sprinting multiple times a year, because they love that feeling of being a badass rock star when they have a breakout sales month.

Then they have to rest and recover from the exhaustion of all the sprinting and their income decreases and they are back in exact same financial reality.

🔥 Want the permanent financial results? 🔥 A

pproach your business like a marathon, not a sprint. Commit to new action that is sustainable. Become a different entrepreneur than you are today. Stretch until it no longer feels like a stretch.

When you get out of the habit of massive stretching followed by massive contracting you are able to grow your empire. Because, my beloved, if you’re truly going to lead your business for the long run you MUST do it in a sustainable way.

Without sustainability you will never have the freedom, happiness, ease and grace that you have desired since you began your business. You will remain stuck in overwhelm and fear, with way too many balls in the air, with no sense of work/life balance, deeply believing that your business could disintegrate any moment.


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