The only thing that causes us suffering...


The only thing that causes us suffering is our own thoughts.

Here’s what I see happen for SO many conscious entrepreneurs after their soul nudges them even more deeply into their purpose and expression and they make a powerful decision to move towards their desire.

You make the decision, in a gorgeous, aligned way.

Then you start overthinking.

You start doubting the decision.

Wondering if it is the right decision or the wrong decision.

If people will judge you.

If your business will fail as a result of the decision.

Your gorgeous, giant brain tells you that the decision is illogical.

That there is NO proof that it will actually work.

Or, here’s my favorite, you start emotionally voting for on the decision.

(been there, done that.)

You begin catastrophizing the worst-case scenario.

You worry the f*ck out of it. You wake yourself up in the middle of the night in angst.

You make yourself physically ill.

You start talking to everyone you know about the decision, desperately seeking proof that it is the right decision. (that is one of my personal go-to favs)

💥 Everyone wants the power of decision-making. 💥

Heck, that’s why we’re entrepreneurs, right?

💥 But no one wants the responsibility.💥

This is about you taking responsibility for yourself.

This is about you taking a radical stand for your powerful decisions.

Trusting yourself.

Backing yourself.


Even when your decision makes no logical sense.

Even when you haven’t yet SEEN the results with your own two eyes.

There is no RIGHT decision.

Only the decision that your soul guided you to. That your intuition KNEW was aligned to you.

When you are stretching the paradigm of what is possible for you, your monkey mind, your old belief systems, and your emotions WILL run amuck.

Possibly simultaneously, depending on how deeply embedded they all are. Your job, should you choose to accept it…

As the master of your destiny, as the creator of your reality…

Is to ignore ALL OF THAT and choose to SEE what is not yet visible in front of you.

P.S.: "Absence of evidence is not evidence of its absence." - Price Pritchett


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