Are you doing your purpose in the world?


Are you doing your purpose in the world? Because, really, is not that the whole point? Your soul deeply desires to express itself. Your purpose is that expression. You are a spiritual being having a human experience, NOT the other way around. 

If you've got an entrepreneurial spirit, you are even MORE inclined to do your purpose in humanity. But here's what happens. You decide to go into business for yourself in order to express yourself more fully. But then you get sidetracked by what you * think * will sell. By who you * think * you need to be an entrepreneur, a service provider, a leader, a CEO.

All of a sudden you've built a business that has you doing your true purpose less than 10% of the time. And even more horrifyingly, you've built a successful business on a foundation that is NOT your purpose. And you hate it. Or resent it. You resent your services, your clients, your team, marketing, selling, managing, and leading. Because at the end of the day the only thing you care about is doing your purpose. But you've got a story that you can not. I'm calling BS on that.

What if you could do your purpose AND make great money in your business? What if your soul could express itself wholeheartedly, and have a powerful impact, AND could you be successful? If you believe that is possible ... If there is a glimmer of Light inside of you calling you into this ... If you realize it's time to pivot in your business ... 🔥 That means it's TIME to pivot. 🔥 Because otherwise, here is what is going to happen: You will recognize it's time to express yourself even more fully via the platform of your business. But if you carry on with your existing business model your sales will slow down or screech to a grinding halt.

Clients will act out. Team members will stop performing well. Marketing will feel like pulling teeth. You'll get resentful, frustrated, and burnt out. If this is already happening to you, celebrate this! Because it means your soul is ready to take the reigns in your business. Your soul is ready to leap into the next level you. The version of you that is LIT the F * CK UP about who you are and what you do.The version of you that can have the impact you TRULY desire. 🔥 The version of you that can have EVERYTHING YOU DESIRE. 🔥 Want to pivot, not exactly sure how, freaking out a little, but also incredibly excited? This is my SPECIALITY. This is what I have done over and over again with conscious entrepreneurs who know there is something MORE for them in their businesses. This is what lights me up! This is my zone of genius. Let me be your guide. 


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