When your energy is in alignment with the outcome you want, nothing can stop you having it.

This private session is designed for business owners who want to ensure that your energy is absolutely in alignment with the outcomes you desire to make business 10x easier.

This is perfect for business owners about to:

(1) start a new marketing launch
(2) roll out a new offer/price point
(3) market to a new audience, or
(4) set a new sales goal.

Gold-checkmark-25px-transp Clear any abundance blocks or resistance you have to achieving that goal. 

Gold-checkmark-25px-transp  Align completely with the results you desire, so there is no resistance, and nothing blocking you having it all.

Gold-checkmark-25px-transp Align your energy to the highest income level possible for you, so that you effortlessly reach your goals.

My clients have gotten these results over the past few months:

  • A 4 week $177k marketing launch
  • 3 new high ticket sales within 14 days
  • 95% conversion into a new offer (conversion prior was 20%)
  • $30k to $50k months in 30 days

This clearing and energetic activation ensures you are aligned energetically to expand into new, measurable results, and is best for business owners who:

  • Have an established business

  • Regularly market and sell successfully

  • Desire to add energetics to their existing strategy and mindset management

  • Are ready to amplify results for a new launch/offer/sales goal

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*This is NOT a business reading/clearing. This is a personal reading/clearing specifically designed for business owners. I do not conduct readings for non-business owners.

Here’s how the Energetic Clearing and Activation Works:

Your Clearing and Energetic Activation takes place within a 30 minute 1:1 Private Mentoring Session.

Energetic Clearing

Through an Akashic Records reading Emma personally conducts for you, the root causes behind your persistent negative patterns of thought, emotion, behavior, and results that plague you will be identified. By examining negative karmic patterns that may be affecting us at Soul-level, we can gain real and meaningful explanations for many of our present-life experiences ... and resolve these experiences to finally create what we truly want for ourselves.

Emma will also clear these personal patterns for you, and will share the results of the reading and clearing with you during your private 1:1 call, as well as provide you with your own personalized clearing technique to utilize on your own!

Energetic Activation

The comprehensive energetic activation will take place at the end of the 30 minute session, to ensure you, your business, and your financial goals are aligned energetically to accelerate.

This activation allows your contributors, your clients, and your prospective clients to experience your business as vibrationally congruent. Vibrational congruence is an often misunderstood underlying component of any business success. Without this congruence, team members act out, clients play the blame game, and prospective clients ghost you.

30-Minute Private Session 

This private session will help you to clarify and strengthen your capacity to expand, as you understanding clear the root cause of your negative patterns, and activate your business vibrationally.

We'll meet via a conference call line (you may join via web call if outside the US). This session will be recorded for you in mp3 format.

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Uplevel Your Vibration Course ($1,000 Value)

Activate your next level manifestation! Learn the 5 simple but critical steps to align and manifest your desires consistently and on demand - AND how to use them to create the next big cash infusion in your biz.

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For over 25 years I've helped thousands of online business owners just like you call in dream clients in a way that is completely aligned.Emma-VIP-Email-Pic1

With two masters degrees, as a PhD candidate in Conscious Business Ethics, and as a business owner myself for 25+ years, I've got an intimate understanding of how to blend the metaphysical and practical to achieve astounding business growth

I can pinpoint exactly why you're not getting the results you desire with your offers, messaging, and marketing.

My psychic skills, and my experience understanding your unique soul gifts, give you the secret sauce you've been missing.

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