Episode Overview:

In this episode of Cleared for Profit, Emma talks with Jerome Braggs, a gifted intuitive, spiritual teacher, speaker, and modern day medicine man.

Jerome’s definition of trauma focuses less on the specific painful event, and more on the soul’s experience of disconnecting from the truth of ourselves, and then holding onto, manifesting from, that disconnect. We, as spiritual entrepreneurs, are called to reconnect to the truth of ourselves.
For example, if our trauma means that we don’t feel ‘enough’, then we are constantly trying to be better instead of showing up as our full selves. And burning ourselves out.

They talk about the ways the principle, “as within, so without” can play out in people’s businesses and lives and the deep importance of getting honest with yourself.

Guest Information

Jerome-Braggs-1024x683.jpgJerome Braggs, The Soul Medicine Man, is a gifted intuitive, spiritual teacher, speaker, and modern day medicine man. In 2005, Jerome Braggs was diagnosed with AIDS and kidney failure, then given forty-eight hours to live. On his deathbed, Jerome had a near-death-experience in which he was told the key to true healing and well-being was to: “come back home to your Self, back home to your soul.”

That experience catalyzed a twelve-year healing journey where he learned how to use what he calls “the soul medicines” to help him come back home to himself, which resulted in the healing of his body, and the transformation of his entire life into something well, and deeply delicious. Today, Jerome is experienced with working in energy medicine, metaphysics, consciousness, universal and spiritual law, the chakras, meditation, and sound healing. And he uses these skills, and the sacred wisdom he gained through his journey, to help people around the world heal their lives and bodies through the application of the soul medicines, and the practice of coming back home to themselves.

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