A Personal Note from Emma...

During the pandemic I intimately peeked behind-the-scenes of hundreds of small businesses, generating between $2,000/month and $10 million/year. Some failed or eventually closed, while others thrived.

Question: What made some businesses thrive??

Answer: Their first focus wasn't Lead Generation!!)

Across all industries, there are TWO critical areas of business that MUST be aligned to the business owner's soul design + financial goals in order for a business to thrive:


Without aligned offers and marketing messaging, no amount of lead generation or sales conversations will effectively grow a business. READ THAT AGAIN!

With the volatile market shifts set to happen in 2023, you need to address these 2 critical areas in your business right now!


Don't know if this is for you? Check yourself:

  • Misaligned Offers  = a disinterested audience, people confused about whether or not you can really help them, and tons of objections during sales conversations.

  • Misaligned Marketing = No one raising their hands, non-ideal clients wasting your time with "likes", asking for advice on your social media posts, or feigning interest but never planning to buy.

  • Your business consistently generates leads and your audience is growing, but sales are slow or inconsistent, and you're stuck on a financial roller coaster.

Sound familiar? Don't worry--there is a VERY EASY solution that only takes a few hours with me to fix!!

At the end of our 30 day Intensive, you will know:

  • What words and phrases to use to attract your dream clients.
  • How to end any confusion your prospective clients have about whether or not you are the right person to hire.
  • How to attract your dream clients through your aligned front door offer while repelling the energy vampires.
  • The most aligned structure pricing for your front door offer, that has your prospective clients never question your rates or the transformation you offer!
  • How to stop triggering broke energy in your marketing messaging.
  • How to leverage your authority in your offer and messaging to end questions of your legitimacy and competency.
  • The key differentiator between you and everyone else in your industry delivering a similar service, and how to verbalize it to your perfect audience.
  • How to get the "lurkers" in your audience to finally raise their hands to work with you!

Here’s how the ALIGNED 2023 30-Day Private Intensive works…

Number 1.Blue Gold


The first step in alignment is to understand your unique soul design and how to utilize your design in your business. This is the foundation for creating massive EASE with growth. When you operate your business in the way that is most natural to your soul design, it doesn't require heavy lifting and tons of strategy to get fantastic results. You will receive a customized Client Attraction Blueprint Report before your first session, which highlights exactly how your soul is designed to operate in 6 KEY AREAS of YOUR BUSINESS: Offers, Marketing, Sales, Clients, Team, and Business Systems. 


Step #2 is to diagnose exactly what within YOU is out of alignment with your soul design and your financial goals. Often, as business owners begin to scale, and become more visible, blocks (also known as misalignments) can surface in their Akashic Records that must be cleared in order for new income and opportunities to flow to them. We'll address and clear these blocks during your first session!

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Step #3 is to diagnose exactly what in your business is out of alignment with your soul design and your financial goals. A diagnostic reading, called the Business Energetic Assessment, is conducted personally by me, and identifies the #1 ENERGETIC SHIFT and accompanying NEEDLE-MOVING ACTION YOU MUST TAKE IN EACH of the 6 KEY AREAS of YOUR BUSINESS to align your business to your unique soul design and hyper-accelerate your progress. This assessment is conducted at the beginning and the end of your intensive so you can see exactly what progress was made over 30 days.


In order for Lead Generation to work for your business, the key area of offers (products and services) must be aligned to your soul design and your financial goals. Products and Services are how you deliver your genius to your clients and customers, via physical products and/or live or virtual programs, events, and courses. 

In Step 4, we ensure that everything related to your front door offer -- from the name, the price point, the content, the delivery structure, and the tagline is in alignment. If needed, we will create a new aligned front door/signature offer.

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Blue with Gold Number.5


In order to attract the correct leads, your marketing messaging must be aligned to your soul design, your offers, and your financial goals. Marketing is how you showcase your products and services to your soulmate clients and customers. 

In Step 5, we ensure that the second key area of your business - marketing, including messaging, positioning, ideal audience, and visual and verbal content, is in alignment - specifically for your front door offer. You'll also be given my secret strategy that has clients begging to work with you!

Your soul already knows what to do-- 
let me show you how to easily get aligned!!

You'll Receive 30 Days of Unprecedented Access to Me,

60-Minute Private Accelerator Intensive 

To be utilized as soon as you enroll in the program, this intensive session will help you to clarify and strengthen your goals and intentions. We'll review your extensive intake assessment, showcase how your soul is designed to do business, and clear any energetic misalignments within you impacting your growth. We’ll create a Soul Aligned Abundance Plan that maps out aligned offers and marketing messaging for accelerated growth. This session will be recorded for you in mp3 format.

Business Energetic Assessment x 2

I will run a full energetic diagnostic in 6 key areas of your business: (1) offers, (2) marketing, (3) sales, (4) clients + customers, (5) contributors/team, and (6) business systems. I will provide any necessary clearing, as well as recommendations on how to further optimize alignment within your business. This ensures each area of your business remains in maximum alignment with your wealth and impact goals as you grow, allowing for smooth operation, lean operating expenses, and maximum profit margins. How fun is that?! The Assessment will be delivered to you during your Accelerator Intensive call and your final Assessment Session.

30-Minute Assessment Sessions x 2

In Weeks 2 and 4 we’ll meet privately for 30 minutes to review your progress to date, and identify precisely what you need to focus on moving forward to ensure clients are asking to work with you. In the Week 4 session we'll also reassess your energetic alignment in your business, based on your implementation over the previous month. These sessions will be recorded for you in mp3 format.

Complete Voxer Support

Sometimes you need answers and feedback immediately. You have a burning question, an inspired idea, an unexpected situation, or something that you want my psychic input on. Complete access is perfect for all of that! You have access to me, Monday through Thursday, for all 30 days of your Intensive, in order to receive the on demand support you need and deserve between your Accelerator Intensive and your Assessment Sessions.

Private Member Space

A private online member space that includes everything you need to participate in the Intensive, including links to schedule your mentoring sessions; access to your Akashic Records report; and more!

Extensive Intake Assessment

Prior to your first session you’ll complete an extensive Client Intake Assessment. You’ll answer questions to identify and articulate how you are currently operating in your business, determine our focus for our 30 day intensive, and help me understand how to best support you, so we don't have to waste time during our first call getting to know the basics of your business!


Client Attraction Blueprint Course (Value $3k)

A 40-50 page report personally created for you, based on your Akashic Records, that showcases exactly how you are designed to create wealth and impact from soul design. This includes a BONUS 8-module course with short videos and worksheets that teaches you how to utilize your report to align your business with your soul design.

CAB-(500 × 500 px)

For over 20 years, I’ve helped thousands of visionaries, influencers, business owners, coaches, healing practitioners, gym owners/fitness professionals, marketing/brand strategists, visual artists, therapists, wholesalers, naturopathic/functional medicine doctors and others build wealth + impact.


The EASIEST way to build wealth and impact is via soul alignment: doing business (and life!) in the way that is most natural to your soul. 

It’s not complicated, but very few have figured out how to work soul magic to get the results they desire in business. I have, and can show you.

Soul alignment isn’t about wish-craft, positive thinking, vision boarding into the wee hours, or winning the lottery. 

This is very specific, intentional alignment which is UNIQUE for each person. This is real world instruction to bring your divinity into your humanity to create actual abundance and tangible results.

My mentoring is grounded in decades of training - I’ve got two master’s degrees in Divinity and Metaphysics, and I’m currently a PhD candidate in Conscious Business Ethics. With immersion for over a decade in study and practice as an Akashic Records practitioner, 20+ years coaching and spiritual advising entrepreneurs, as well as 25 years personal experience in entrepreneurism, including as a Quaker minister, trauma and hospice chaplain--I’ve found the game of soul alignment to be the MOST FUN way to create wealth and impact.

I hold a sacred container for business owners, to help them create abundance by soul design. I activate them expand their impact, achieve their wealth goals, and create a legacy, by giving actionable instructions and guidance for real-world results.

What I’ve discovered over the past two decades of working with business owners and leaders is that our souls already know what to do, but we’re not giving ourselves permission to do it. If there is anything in our life or business that is not 100% aligned with our soul design and our goals, we will block our next level growth. For new results, you’ll need to look at things you (or your previous mentors) have never even considered.

My psychic skills give you the secret sauce you've been craving.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm a new business owner and/or am starting a second business, and haven't made any sales. Is this program for me?

No. In order for this program to work you must have an existing audience to sell to (at least 1,000 people between your email list and social media) and you must have a track record of effectively marketing and selling an offer.

What can I expect during my Private Sessions?

During your private phone sessions with Emma, you can expect to ensure that every aspect of your offers (pricing, name, tagline, and deliverables) and your marketing messaging, positioning, ideal audience, visual and verbal content will be clarified for your front door offer, and possibly your secondary offer. You'll also receive my secret strategy that has clients begging to work with you!

When Will I Receive My Business Energetic Assessment?

Your Business Energetic Assessment will be delivered to you during your 60 Minute Private Accelerator Session and your final session in Week 4. These sessions will be recorded for you via mp3.

How is the Business Energetic Assessment different than a "normal" business assessment?

Emma utilizes her psychic abilities and the Akashic Records modality in order to energetically assess the 6 key areas of your business (marketing, sales, products + services, clients, team, and systems) to determine what needs to energetically shift to achieve your vision. She does not need to reference your website, or any of your marketing materials or proprietary information.

Will you need access to any proprietary information about my business?

No, the only information Emma needs to access your business and conduct the energetic assessment is (1) the name of your business, (2) your current monthly revenue, and (3) your desired monthly revenue.

Is there a payment plan?

Yes, if you would prefer not to pay in full, you are able to divide your enrollment fee into two or three monthly payments. Please note that your 30 Day Intensive will not begin until payment is made in full.

How do I know if this program will work for me?

This program NOT will work if you:

- Think you’ve already got everything with your offers and marketing figured out.
- Are more committed to being right than stretching outside your comfort zone.
- Are not able to trust the process of alignment, via accessing your unique soul design - Emma receives direct information from your highest self in order to create aligned offers and messaging. She isn’t giving you her opinion about what to do in your business - she’s channeling Divine guidance.

This program will work for you magically if: You’re willing to be in the holy experiment of the process of alignment.

How will you access my Akashic Records and my Business?

When you enroll you will be asked to provide your (1) Full Name at Birth, (2) Full Current Name, (3) Date of Birth, (4) Birth Location, as well as (5) the name of your Business, (6) your Current Monthly Revenue and (7) Desired Monthly Revenue. Emma utilizes this information to access your personal Akashic Records and the Records of your business.

What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are an energetic database that contains an imprint of every thought, feeling, action and experience for every soul that has ever occurred in time and space. The database is also referred to as "The Book of Life" or Universal Consciousness. The records contain all knowledge of human experience and the cosmos. The Akasha field exists in the fifth dimension and is all around us. The Records have been referenced in all religions and spiritual traditions and are described as a metaphysical library. You have an Akashic Record, and your business has one as well! 


“I’ve studied with some of the best Akashic Records teachers and have worked with the Akashic Records for over 15 years and I have never had information about my soul presented in this way before: it is so illuminating!”

  ~Rhonda Hohmann, Teacher and Mentor


More questions? Email support@emmachurchman.com and we’ll get them answered!

Earnings Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent these programs and their potential. Any claims made of actual earnings or examples of actual results can be verified upon request. The testimonials and examples used are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation.

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