What does Faith have to do with Business?


For entrepreneurs, fear will kill your business. Faith will nurture it.

What is the difference between Fear and Faith (the two F words)? Both require that you believe something that you CANNOT SEE. Fear has us living in the past or the future. Faith has us living in the present moment.

Faith is just as powerful as Fear.

Faith is the substance of the things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. Faith is the ability to see the invisible and believe in the incredible.

We are always in a state of faith - we either direct our faith towards God (Higher Power, Spirit, Truth, the Universe - whatever your particular language is) or we direct it towards our story.

Ask yourself - what are your current results, circumstances and environment?

Do those results, circumstances and environment reflect what it is that you say that you want?

If NO - then you are lying to yourself about something. You are allowing your story of why you can’t be, do or have what you want to interfere with your faith in the Oneness of All and with your soul purpose.

All kinds of stories can interfere with faith - the story that you can never make the money you want to make, or that you can’t have everything you want, or that there is no way forward, or that you don’t know enough or don’t have enough value. Ask yourself, what do you believe that is actually NOT true, and that is holding you back?

The Truth is that you are all powerful.

Every human has infinite potential, and everything we need already exists inside of us. We are at choice to create whatever we want for ourselves and our lives.

We are NEVER separate from God, Spirit, Truth and the Universe. We are always connected. We choose to believe that we are disconnected when we are in our own story, or when we deny our own power and purpose.

Your story will kill your business, because it creates contradiction in what you want - and it can create a lot of confusion and chaos as well. How do you get out of your story? You cultivate desire. You have to focus in on that desire that is telling you to be the best version of yourself NOW and you have to follow where that desire leads you. It is your responsibility to take your desire and keep it free and clear of stories and negative people. You must keep your desire burning brightly in your life, and you must protect it fiercely.

The amazing thing about desire is that it will NEVER fail you - because it is directly connected to your purpose and it will always show you the way forward.

Tell me about how you utilize faith and desire in your business! Leave a comment below.


Chris Allen

So clearly stated and right on TRUTH Emma. I love this post, and it's something that I think we all need to remind ourselves many times in our life and business journey no matter how far along we are in that journey. There is always infinite possibility and we are peeling back the layers of self-imposed limitations that may be holding us (me) back. Thanks for your inspiration!
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Emma Churchman

Right on, Chris. Thanks for your comment!
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