How Your Choices Will Make Or Break Your Business

Everything in our life and business is a choice. We either make choices that negate our divinity or we make choices that support our divinity. Think about that for a minute - all day long you are deciding, in each moment, whether to support who you truly are as a soul or to negate yourself. That is power, and that is responsibility.

I find amazing freedom in that, because it shows us that as souls we have 100% free will. Unless someone is threatening your life or physically restraining you, you have the power to make any choice that is available to you, and thus create new consequences.

Let me clarify that a choice is not a decision. A choice is an action. You don’t create consequences with your thoughts. Your mind, your thoughts, simply gives you the ability to apply consciousness BEFORE you make a choice.

You, therefore, have the ability to deliberately create the consequences of your choosing. Wait, what? Yes, I did just tell you that you made your own bed and now you are lying in it.

What do you think about that Truth, my friend?

Every time you make a choice, new choices become available to you. Every choice creates new possibilities for more choices. In this way, you can literally create anything you desire, one choice at a time.

While you can’t make ANY choice from where you are right now, there is ALWAYS a choice available to you that takes you one step closer to your desired reality. Every choice is based on the consequences you have already created. Your ability to choose is your greatest resource and it is your access to infinite creative power.

If you are a grown adult, you are 100% responsible for every choice you make, and its consequence. You had the power to make the choice, therefore the responsibility of the consequence is yours as well.

Other people may have influenced you, give you good or bad advice, may have taught you wrong, may have even misled you. But unless they literally held a gun to your head and “made” you do something - your choices are your own.

It’s literally impossible for somebody else to make a choice for you - to make words come out of your mouth, to move your hands and feet and DO something on your behalf. No matter who is influencing you, you are allowing that influence.

Furthermore, YOU CHOSE to have in your experience all those people that may have influenced you, given you advice, etc. You also chose to listen to them.

Blame does you no good.

So what does that mean in terms of how your childhood experiences affect your choices in your business?

Karma recognizes YOU as the powerful and responsible creator of your experience and delivers consequences into YOUR experience, no matter how much you’d like to blame others. You also can’t blame your parents, the circumstances of your birth, or your upbringing for choices you made later in life.

Remember, we incarnate into circumstances that are a vibrational match for the karmic patterns we ourselves set into motion in a past life. You cannot incarnate into a family or childhood that is not a match for your past-life karmic patterns.

So you ARE actually responsible for the parents you incarnated to and when and where you were born and every experience you had as a child. It took me a LONG time to wrap my mind around that concept! But I had to, in order to experience real freedom in my my life (and business) and to not make choices for myself and my life from the perspective of being a victim.

Every single adult person on this planet has the same power to choose and therefore to create their own experience.

In fact, there is nobody who has not, consciously or unconsciously, chosen their current set of circumstances. While we can certainly be full of compassion for someone else’s experience, “feeling bad” for someone else is a tremendous denial of that person’s Divinity.

As service-oriented as we are, it’s also inappropriate to think that someone else “needs” your help! They are as Divine as you, entirely capable of changing their own experience. Unless they are choosing to be in a place of need; they can CHANGE this! You have got to be VERY clear about this with the people you serve in your business.

There is a difference between pitying someone and being compassionate. Being compassionate holds space for someone to uphold their own Divinity.

Lots of spiritually oriented folks say that the world NEEDS to be different. But the world is full of Divine Beings who are entirely capable of creating their own experience. What they do with their Divinity is up to them!

If someone wants your help, they’ll ask … and even then, appropriate karmic boundaries are needed if you truly want to empower them.

I work with the Akashic Records with my clients because I believe in empowering my clients by teaching them the paradigm of free will and choice. It is through this paradigm that we can best express our own divinity and it is the way that we can best support the people we serve.

Let me know what you have learned about the choices you make in your business by leaving a comment below!


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