How to be yourself AND make more money

Be yourself and make money!

It used to be that when someone would use the word sales person around me I would immediately picture a white man, in the 1970s in bell bottoms and suit jacket with slicked back hair trying to sell me a used car - telling me everything he thinks I want to hear.

I know you know exactly what I am talking about.


Who the heck would want to be that guy?

You need to be YOURSELF in your sales conversations. And not just a “little” you and a “lot” stereotypical salesperson, but 100% you.

You must be 100% yourself in a sales conversation because you have to be able to say what you need to say to a prospect without hesitation.

Why is that important, you ask?

Because you have to be willing to influence a person to make the correct decision for themselves.

On a sales call if someone is talking bullshit or in their “story” you have to be able to call them on it - without fear that you will piss them off.

You CANNOT worry about whether or not you will get the sale.

When you are afraid that you will say the wrong thing with the wrong tone and it will be taken the wrong way your sales conversation will NOT go well. This happens when you are so preoccupied with what is going on inside of you that you can’t focus on the prospect.

You have to get to the place where you do not need the love or acceptance of your prospects - where their rejection is not going to hurt you.

Honestly ask yourself:

  • Are you always manipulating yourself to be liked by other people?
  • How does sabotage show up for you?
  • How are you subconsciously rejecting prospects?

Being authentic in sales is really about you accepting yourself for who you are, regardless of anyone else’s thoughts or opinions about you.

When you are concerned about what others’ think of you, that usually stems from someone else at some time either taking your power, or you voluntarily giving your power away to someone else.

Most people with traumatic childhoods learn to change themselves in order to be accepted by others, or so someone else won’t be angry with them.

When you give your power to someone else during trauma, then metaphorically you do it with everyone else in your life until you consciously decide to take your power back from that original person (it doesn’t matter if that person is alive or dead).

Until you understand the vision of self-worth you created for yourself, when your power was taken from you - or when you gave it away - until you understand this, your limiting self-worth will continue to control you, and will absolutely affect your sales conversations!

You have to understand the underlying cause of your negative self-image, self-esteem and self-worth.

Your self-image (your internal image) does not want you to know what it is - does not want you to address or change it - subconsciously your self-image is still in control and will cause you to continue to sabotage yourself. Your subconscious will always bring you down to the internal image that you hold of yourself.

This faulty self image interferes with everyone we come in contact with - especially during the sales process!

Our subconscious will continue to control and dictate our sales conversations until we start reprogramming our subconscious.

I know, I know - WTF? But it’s true.

Did I just hit a nerve or trigger a deep truth within you? Let me know - leave a comment below.


Jane Bradley

I love your posts. Especially this week as I am planning a sales meeting on Monday and your material is spot on. Did you catch the nice article about me in Huff Post yesterday? I put it on my wall in FB. For The Good of All in Collaboration! Jane Bradley
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I do have fear around sales conversations because I have the same image in my head as you noted in this article...gross! So that translates as I feel gross when attempting to make sales. YIKES!!! I go into the conversation with that energy and so my work is around not associating myself with the image of the creepy salesman. Talk about sabotage. I'm not worried about not getting the sale; I'm more concerned about how gross I must seem to this poor individual on the other end. Thank you, Emma, for reminding me of my authentic self which happens to be nothing like "creepy salesman" - You are the best!
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Emma Churchman

Thanks so much! I would love to hear how your sales conversation goes!
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Emma Churchman

Beautiful awareness, and as you know, awareness is always the first step! One question to consider: how would you want to be sold to? Discover that, and then begin embodying it. Much love, Emma
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