Why you need to be a conscious creator in your business


A conscious creator in your business

I believe that success in business is 10% execution and logistics and 90% managing you - your beliefs, your emotions, your thoughts, your actions (or lack of actions) and your mindset.

In my blog posts over the next several months I’m going to focus on the 90% - because that 90% is what helps you step through the doorways you need to step through in your business.

I’m going to be teaching you some principles about faith in business.

Cultivating these principles was foundational to me in growing my business to multiple-six figures in just a year. These are the principles I teach my clients to grow their businesses. What I have to share is nuanced and may seem esoteric but it is vitally important because WHO YOU ARE IN YOUR BUSINESS matters. How you show up in your own business matters, and has a significant effect on your bottom line.

Let’s start with this paradigm - because really getting this paradigm is paramount as a spiritually conscious entrepreneur:

You are a spiritual being, living in a physical body.

Nothing in this Universe is outside of Spirit. Everything is created within Spirit, and you are a part of Spirit.

You are the center of your own universe

Everything in your experience is revolving around you.

If you want to change your experience in your business you have to understand that you are the cause of your experience. You have to understand that your actions, or lack of actions, and your decisions, or lack of decisions are causing your reality.

I’m beginning with this paradigm that you are the Universe because that’s where I see conscious entrepreneurs get stuck.

In my coaching practice I just work with spiritually conscious/spiritually oriented entrepreneurs, and what I see time and time again is this “Just Believe” attitude - a vision board mentality.

Here is what I mean by that: it’s this idea that if you just believe (mentally, 4th dimensionally) enough you will get different results in your business.

Changing your mind isn’t enough.

You have to change the lens through which you view the world.

Think about that, if you are a horse with blinders on you can only see certain possibilities in front of you.

You have to learn to see what you cannot currently see.

I also see these conscious entrepreneurs get caught up in responding to signs from the Universe, or saying their spirit guides do or do not want them to do things.

When you are the Universe there are no external signs.

The problem is we think life is happening to us, but the truth is life is happening because of US.

If you are not getting the results in your business that you say that you want it is because you are causing that to happen.

Take a moment and really reflect on what your current results are in your business. Then map out what you want your results to be. What’s the difference?

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