What to really do to get new results in your business (surprise: it's not what you think!)


New results for your business

New Results in business

Have you ever had the experience of some kind of abundance in your business immediately stopping?

Have you ever noticed that your energy can be off just a fraction of an inch and your sales stop? I’ve seen this with myself and I’ve seen it with my clients.

What I have come to discover after working with a lot of entrepreneurs and businesses is that resistance is what stops the flow of sales and money into your business.

Resistance is your ego rearing it’s head, doing it’s job, and trying to keep you safe.

In other words resistance is your ego trying to keep you from doing something new or different in your business, because your ego wants you to stay the same.

If you notice that sales have trickled down or stopped here is what you need to do about it….

The first thing you need to do is look at what has changed INSIDE of you that affected your sales.

It is very rare that it is an external issue (that is, if you are actually marketing yourself and soliciting sales).

Not having money (or sales) is a symptom of the real problem.

What we have been taught is to work on the problem, so if we think money is the problem we’re working on the wrong thing.

Ask yourself this, What are your current results in your business? (Hint: write them down).

Then ask yourself, Do those results in your business reflect what it is that you say that you want? (Write this down, too.)

If your results do not reflect what you say you want, then most likely resistance is running the show in your business. For most people, resistance is keeping them from having the results they say they want.

How is your resistance keeping you from getting new results? For a lot of people resistance shows up as a story (i.e. a false belief), like:

  • I don’t know how to get different results.
  • No one can afford my services.
  • I don’t know where or how to find new leads.
  • People just don’t want what I’m selling.
  • I can’t sell my product/service until I have the perfect website, sales funnel, webinar, Facebook page, etc.

The thing about these stories is that they keep us playing safe and playing small in our business. We don’t have to take new action because we have already convinced ourselves that taking new action won’t work.

None of these stories are actually true, by the way, and I don’t even need to know about your business to tell you that! They are just your ego (your resistance) trying to keep you the same.

Is this resonating with you? Comment below and let me know what stories are keeping you from taking new action and having the results you want!


Meade Neumann

So true! I'm finding my ego is very used to manipulating me and the resistance it's mounting lately has been staggering. I believe I must be on the right path, though. The more scared my ego is, the more likely I am really close to a core breakthrough...or so I hope!
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Emma Churchman

Yes, exactly Meade! The more your ego is freaking out, the closer you are to transformation! Keep moving forward, and keep close to your desire. Awesome!
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