Why you need to be in intimate relationship with your business (yeah, you heard me right!)

Intimate Relationships in Business

I was having a conversation recently with someone who told me they didn’t really want to be an entrepreneur, they just wanted to run a business so they could make a lot of money and retire early.

Just like we are energetic beings, our businesses have their own energy, their own soul. And the more conscious we are, the more we need to pay attention to the soul of our business.

Here’s the analogy I drew: Saying that you just want to run a business so you can make loads of money and retire early is like saying to your life partner that you just want to be with them so they’ll make a lot of money to support you so you can retire early. That is a one-way relationship based on what you need.

We must nurture our relationship with the soul of business, because it is an energetic entity and because we have to be just as committed to it as we are to our most intimate relationships. And, most importantly, we have to find ways to love all aspects of our business, just as we learn to love all parts of our most intimate relationships.

How do you nurture and cultivate a relationship with the soul of your business so that you can experience true abundance?

Begin with this paradigm: A business is an energetic entity.

Many entrepreneurs are conscious of aligning with their soul (and, by extension, the soul of their business) when they are meeting with clients and customers. However, most entrepreneurs only spend about 25-30% of their time directly serving clients (in fulfillment). The other 75% of work time is spent doing marketing, sales, and administrative stuff.

As conscious entrepreneurs if we just focus on alignment with our soul during actual meeting with clients (during fulfillment) and don’t pay attention to our soul (and, by extension, the soul of our business) in how we market and sell and in all other aspects of our business - like our products and services, our business systems, and how we work with contributors - we will not create good income.

Because we have to learn to do all aspects of our business in ways that align deeply to our soul. That is how you cultivate the soul of your business. When you deny, or ignore, or hate any part of your business, you essentially are denying, or ignoring or hating your business. You can’t love serving clients and simultaneously hate selling and expect people to buy from you.

And then, OF COURSE, you aren’t going to get the results that you say that you want in your business.

I strongly encourage you to only do what you LOVE in your business (you can’t stop marketing and selling all together, but market and sell in a way that works for you).

How can you start loving all aspects of your business? Comment below.


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