What Keeps Us from Tapping into our Desire...


Desire is (or should be) at the heart of every entrepreneurial business. It is critical to the success of our business. Without it, we have no urgency or reason to grow and evolve.

Desire is the heart speaking to us and through us about our purpose. Desire comes from the Latin root de sire, which means “of the father.” It is how Spirit speaks to and through us to give us direction in our life. Nobody is put here without a significant direction in which way to go. The force that is as powerful as our need for survival is DESIRE.

Unfortunately, we’ve been taught by all kinds of “spiritual authorities” for thousands of years that desire is wrong. 

So how do we unlearn our learning about desire being wrong and reclaim our birthright?

First, let’s get clear on exactly what we have been programmed to believe. What we have been taught for thousands of years is that we should be grateful for what we have. We shouldn’t want more, but be satisfied with our lives. This is especially true when our lives are pretty good.

There is nothing wrong with having a gratitude practice. Gratitude is beautiful!

If we practice gratitude in order to make ourselves feel better because we don't think we can attain greater abundance, or we don’t think we deserve an even more abundant life, then suddenly having a gratitude practice causes us to settle. It creates a limitation.

'It could be worse' is not a reason to stay where we are!

Desire has really not been okay for us. We have been taught that really wanting more for ourselves is not okay. Wanting more - more money, more fun, more sex, more freedom - all of this has been deemed greedy, irresponsible, selfish and self-centered.

So we actually have a habit of squishing our own desires into submission because we have a lot of voices in our heads judging us for wanting more. We have a bad habit of keeping a very firm lid on the most powerful force for change in our lives: our desire.

Here’s the dirty little secret of humanity - deep down we all want more! We just don’t let ourselves admit it.

Our divine nature and the nature of the Divine is for more life, more creation - that is what we are here for and that is our nature. It is part of our divine self-expression to want to create something new and different. Yet we have been told for centuries that wanting more for ourselves is not spiritual - how crazy is that!

Desire is part of our human nature. Desire is what moves us past resistance.

Isn’t it convenient that spiritual authorities have instilled in us that desire is wrong?

It’s not strictly the fault of those institutions. After all, we were busy hacking at each other with swords for a large part of our history. We have to remember where we came from - thousands of years ago life was not safe, we were killing one another, so a lot of religious institutions and teachings taught us how to put a lid on desire, and called it unspiritual, told us we should just be satisfied, why?

Because it allowed us to peacefully co-exist. This clamping down on desire was a necessary part of human evolution.

Today in modern society it’s okay to want something more. It’s okay to want it really, really badly. And it’s okay to have your motivations that are not entirely altruistic, or positive, because your shadow side is as full of desire as your light.

When we want something badly enough, we can overcome any resistance our survival instincts throw at us.

We have largely conditioned ourselves out of feeling desire - because we think we can’t have what we want, because we don’t want to be greedy or selfish, and because our shadow side scares us.

What do you REALLY desire for yourself and your business?

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Lorna Levy

Emma, This is a great article. I've taught the same concepts myself but have not said them as eloquently as you. Thank you.
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Emma Churchman

Lorna: Thanks so much for that feedback! And delighted that you are teaching these concepts - they are SO VERY important in business! Blessings.
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Very revealing read about my own subconscious thoughts as well as the people I surround myself with! It is so true that deep down we all want more! This was the true of my family growing up, and the message was to never admit it!
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Emma Churchman

Great awareness Melissa, and I'm glad the post resonated with you!
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