8 Tips for Manifesting in Business


Manifesting in your business The #1 reason entrepreneurs don’t get what they want is because they don’t know what they want. In the Science of Getting Rich (a must read!), Wallace Wattles writes: “Spirit is more eager for you to have what you want than you are.”   In other words, the Universe/Spirit/Truth/God wants us to experience abundance and achieve our desires, but the Universe can’t help us out unless we are clear about what we want. The Universe responds to clarity and conviction.   If you don’t know what you want, then here is what happens… You are going to manifest what someone else wants or what you think you can have or what someone else told you-you can have, or what’s in alignment with your conditioning. Yeah, that sucks. Curious about how we actually block our manifesting in business? We block our manifesting in business for 3 reasons:

  • We don’t know what we want
  • We haven't made a decision about it or claimed it
  • We look at our circumstances and decide we can’t have what we desire

When you know what you desire it takes you out of perpetual seeking mode. In other words, when you know your desire, you no longer have to discover what you want because it becomes a regular practice in your business. So, rather than seeking and second guessing and never arriving you are clear and can move forward. Seeking and second-guessing wastes a TON of energy. If this is resonating with you, check out these 8 Tips for Manifesting in Business! 

Tip #1: The decision comes first, the opportunity comes second.

You don’t need to know HOW your desire will be made manifest until you decide on your desire.

Tip #2: Take full responsibility for your results.

This is about you taking your power back and it is the most critical step you will ever take in your business (or life!). Taking responsibility instantly restores your power back to where it belongs, with you. You’re not taking responsibility for someone else, or for someone else’s behavior towards you. I acknowledge that many conscious entrepreneurs come from trauma, sometimes a LOT of trauma. I am not minimizing that. What we aren’t taught is that we always have a choice to how we respond. There is never a down side to taking full responsibility for yourself and your life.

Tip #3: Insist on crystal clear outcomes.

The biggest reason entrepreneurs don’t get the results they want is because they aren’t clear on what they want. Spirit/Source/Divine/Universe responds to clarity. Not being clear is a great place to hide out because when we are clear then we get confronted by all of the ways we are choosing to not be clear, and get in our own way with manifesting. Clarity requires honesty with yourself, and giving yourself permission to have what you want just because you want it.

Tip #4: Have a big why for every outcome.

Know why you want what you want. Manifestation is a form of the creative process and what fuels the creative process is tension. The energy that we find between where we are not and where we want to be is tension - you feel a pull to fill that gap and break that tension - so that creates an urge. If there is something you really want, and you don't have it yet two things will always be present: tension and a “why.” Another way to look at tension is urgency. Only urgency is what moves money in a sales process. Without urgency there is no manifestation. What fills urgency? Your “why.” You can use your why very consciously in the manifestation process, because tension seeks resolution. You already have everything you desire - it is already here. The trick is to have the tension move you in the direction of your goal, instead of the resistance. If you want to manifest quickly it helps to have a big why. There is a spiritual aspect as well, the natural laws that govern creation are driven by that tension as well. Spirit will respond to your desires, but only if you have that tension and big why to help dial up your desire.

Tip #5: Claim your desires!

Accept fully and without apology your desires. And claim that you deserve abundance (not in an entitled way - being deserving is not being greedy or taking from others). We are all deserving - everyone on this planet deserves abundance and happiness and to be fully actualized. You are worthy! You give this right to yourself by claiming it! If we have a desire it is already present in our world. The way to call it into our lives already exists, right now. You already have it - the reason you don’t have it in the physical world yet is because you have not yet claimed it. Manifesting is serious spiritual work. If you want to live your dream you must have clarity and conviction.

Tip #6: Be willing to let go of what is not serving you.

You must let go of whatever you need to let go of to manifest your desire: beliefs, stories, actions (or non-actions). Because if you did not have that attachment you would have a very different experience than what you are currently experiencing. The only cause of non-miracles is resistance. Resistance is you hanging onto something that is ready to be released. And the faster you release, the faster you manifest. It can take some time to see what needs to be let go of - that is how our mind tricks us up.

Tip #7: Be willing to be in the Unknown.

The gap between where you are now and where you desire to be is terrain that needs to be navigated carefully. What happens in that gap is what is called the unknown. You don’t know what’s going to happen, you don’t know the how. And it can be quite messy! Your subconscious is freaking out and causing things to blow up - this is NORMAL. It may look like you are going backward before you go forward. Most people want to get out of the unknown. It’s uncomfortable, it may not be fun, there is tension there (that seeks resolution), so the urge is to retreat or go backward - get out of the unknown. But to be a successful manifestor you must be willing to LEAN INTO the unknown, even LOVE it! Approach the unknown with curiosity and excitement - this is where your Divinity and the Laws of the Universe get grounded here on this physical reality. The unknown is where the MIRACLES occur! The more time you are wiling to be in the unknown, the more miracles you will experience.

Tip #8: Fail fast and recommit faster.

Every act of commitment is really an act of recommitment. YOU WILL FAIL! Because when you are creating something new in your business you are rewiring your brain and you are retraining your conditioned responses which means that your ego’s resistance will raise its shiny head in all ways possible to distract you, take you off course, and have you fall back into old habits. It doesn’t matter if you get triggered or if resistance shows up. What matters is that you recommit to your desire every time you start to stray. In manifestation there is no failure, only feedback. All successful people fail their way to success. You will too! When we finally know what we want, we have to come to grips with the prospect of actually receiving it which can be kind of scary and we also have to come to grips with the prospect of receiving or not achieving it - what if you try and fail, and of course all the reasons why we don’t have it. And on top of al the judgment and guilt and shame that comes up as a result of the conditioning that we have around wanting and desire being somehow bad or wrong. So be really gentle with yourself as you are going through the desire process, set a clear intention. Your desire is a good thing, and everything you want is already here. Query: What can you do differently to keep your desire bright? Comment below and let me know! Click below to download your copy of the 8 Tips for Manifesting in Business!

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