What I learned from 18 hours of sales calls in 7 days…


No joke, I just had a week with 18 hours of sales calls in 7 days, a new record for me! It was a brilliant, insightful, slightly exhausting, exhilarating experience! I’ve been doing sales for a long time in my business, but this number of calls in this short amount of time was a new record for me. There are some things that really struck me during this process that I want to share with you, because I think they will help improve your sales process as well! If you want to know my top 5 sales tips, click the button (or keep reading!). 

5 Sales Tips for Conscious Entrepreneurs

Tip #1: Sell from Love.

Radical concept, eh? What if selling wasn’t about making money, but instead was about deeply connecting with another human being and staying in highest service to them? Sales is an act of love. If you have a solution to someone’s problem the only way they can access the solution is through sales. Your sales process allows someone to step into a better version of their future, because you make a clear and confident offer. Your offer helps them to say yes to themselves and to their deep desire. When you find a way to do sales that feels life-giving to you, when you honor the process as an act of love, people say yes to buying from you.

Tip #2: Only Talk to the Right People.

Selling is exhausting when you are constantly talking to the wrong people and you get more “Nos" than “Yeses.” When you hone your sales process you create the opportunity to ONLY talk to the right people. In order to do that, you need clear marketing and an application process before folks talk with you. It’s incredibly powerful to exclude people in your marketing, so folks know exactly who you DO NOT work with. Having an application for a strategy session also helps you to know ahead of time where your prospects are, and you can get a sense for their level of commitment and urgency for solving their problem. It saves you, and them, time. And, it’s an act of service to let someone know you are not the right fit for them, and to direct them to someone who is.

Tip #3: Know Who to Sell to And Who Not to Sell To.

Sometimes the most loving thing you can say to someone is that they are not ready to buy from you. Because they are burnt out, or because they had a bad experience with another coach/healer/practitioner. Or because they literally cannot pay their own rent. Acknowledging this to yourself and your prospect is an incredibly kind and generous gesture, and lets them know that you see them and they can trust you. With this radical act of love, you actually become a person that they will turn to when they are ready to buy.

Tip #4: Get Permission.

Here’s what drives me bat-shit-crazy about sales. Don’t just sell to someone because they are in front of you and you are on the phone with them! Sell only to people after you have their permission to do so. (1) They are going to be more receptive to hearing what you are going to say and (2) it saves you, and them, time. If they don’t want to know what you have to offer I guarantee they will not buy from you.

Tip #5: Don’t Let People Stay in Their Stories.

If someone tells you they can’t move forward with solving their problem (which they have already told you MUST BE URGENTLY SOLVED NOW), challenge them on their stories that they can’t buy because they don’t have the money, their dog died, they need to write a book first, etc. That is resistance. If someone is truly ready for what you have to offer, they have an urgent need and a deep desire to solve their problem and have what they really want, they can find a way to make it work. Call “bullsh*t” when you see bullsh*t. Take a stand for that person to invest in themselves and to take themselves seriously. Let them know you’ve got their back. Be team with them. Click the button to download these tips!

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Let me know what you think of these tips and share other sales tips that you have in the comments below!  

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