10 Strategies to Create Money Now in Your Business (PDF Guide)


Create Money NOW in Your Business

I talk to a lot of entrepreneurs who dream of having a six-figure business and regular $10k months. Many of them have the idea that when they finally reach this goal they will stop worrying about money and magically feel better.

This is so not true!

When you grow your business your expenses also increase. So it’s easy for worry around money to remain even when you are technically earning more.

The most powerful thing you can do RIGHT NOW to grow your biz is to get into a powerful, life giving a relationship with money, so that you and money can work together to grow your business in a powerful, fear-free way.

The most important thing you need to understand about money is that it is energy.

If you don’t respect it as the powerful life-giving energetic force that it is, and if you don’t clean up your relationship with money you will never create money or have enough of it in your business.

Harsh? Maybe. True? Absolutely. Want some help with that? (I hope so!) Here are my hot 10 Strategies to Create Money Now in Your Business. 

Strategy #1: Treat Money the Way You Want to Be Treated.

Have a relationship with money. Personify it. Let it be a contributor to your business. Treat it the way you want to be treated - understand what it needs and wants. Dialogue with it. Ask money powerful questions, like:

  • What do you look like?
  • What would you like me to know about you?
  • What turns you off?
  • What do you need from me to grow our relationship?
  • What do you want for me?
  • What action steps do you want me to take to bring you closer to me?

Strategy #2: Respect Money.

Your money deserves respect. It deserves your time, attention and appreciation. Do not talk down to it, belittle it, ignore it or yell at it. Be as grateful to pay your bills as to receive money. Because you earned that money, and you earned the right to pay those bills. When you choose gratitude for your money, when you respect it as the powerful energetic force that it is, guess what happens? It wants to spend more time with you.

Strategy #3: Stop Making Money Just to Pay Down Debt.

I’m going to state the obvious here: making money JUST to pay bills will never be a powerful motivator for you. Ever. You must get into the habit of setting aside a percentage of your money for YOU, and for what you want to create for yourself. Because using the money you bring in today to pay for something that happened yesterday is not life giving. Having your new money create a new experience for yourself is motivating. Get disciplined about allocating your funds to your past, present and future!

Strategy #4: Pay Yourself First!

No joke, I had a conversation with a six-figure entrepreneur a few months ago who was really struggling with financial stability in her business. And, she was always paying herself last, or not at all. As a result of our conversation she decided to pay herself a percentage of her revenue, every Friday. And her sales immediately started increasing! She is now having breakout months in her business. Because she put herself first. She demands that the money be there every Friday to pay herself and guess what? It always is.

Strategy #5: Track Money in Your Business.

Tracking money is akin to tracking what you eat when you are dieting. It’s surprising how much more you notice about what goes into your mouth when you are actually writing it down. Same thing with money. Track the money in and out of your business on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. Because when you pay attention to your money in that detail, it sends a powerful message to your brain and to the Universe that you desire to be in relationship with money. If you aren’t tracking your money, you’re letting yourself and the Universe know you don't really want to deal with money.

Strategy #6: Learn to Receive.

This one is a doozy for a lot of entrepreneurs. A lot of us are like, hey, I love money! I want tons of money! Yet we refuse to receive any support in our life or business. To have more money, we have to be able to receive more support. We have to practice receiving in ALL areas of our life and biz in order to receive more money. We must become extravagantly good at asking for and receiving support. Start simply, like asking someone at the store to open the door for you. What is one request you can make today to receive support?

Strategy #7: Write a Money Manifesto.

A lot of us exist in reaction to money in our businesses. It is MUCH more powerful to instead declare how you want your relationship to money to be in your business! Writing a Money Manifesto is a great way to do just that! Here is mine: I live in an Abundant Universe that delights in supporting my purpose with monetary abundance. Monday comes to me easily and readily in a variety of ways so that I always have time, energy and spaciousness. I love being in relationship with money; money loves being in relationship with me. Don’t copy my Manifesto: go write your own! Strategy #8: Hire a Coach! This should be obvious but just in case it’s not: if you are not getting the monetary results you say you want, you are NOT going to be able to figure out how to get new results on your own. A coach who is further along the money + biz path than you can help you leap forward in your business in a much shorter timeframe than you just trying to do it on your own. I know, because I tried doing it on my own for 17 years. And I spent 17 years in struggle, lack and scarcity. Then I finally hired a coach, and my business went from an average of $500 in monthly sales to multi-six figures in a year. Just sayin’.

Strategy #9: Stay in Faith.

As entrepreneurs we spend 95% of our time in the unknown. We set a goal or make a decision but then we don’t quite know HOW it’s going to be made manifest. So between our decision and reaching our goal we have to wade through the unknown. Faith makes it easier to be in the unknown. It doesn’t matter if you are spiritual or religious or what kind of God you believe in. What helps you most in business is understanding that you are part of a larger Universe, and that the Universe wants abundance for you even more than you do! When you have this kind of faith, you are much more comfortable being in the unknown, and everything is possible!

Strategy #10: Be Decisive.

Indecision keeps us out of our Power and out of Alignment in Business. When we are in emotional overwhelm, confusion, and fear it is usually because we have not made a powerful decision for what we want and then stuck with that decision. Indecision keeps you small; being decisive brings you SO much closer to what you desire. Because even if you cannot see it directly in front of you yet, if you have the desire it is already available to you! Want these 10 Strategies for yourself? 

What do you think about these Strategies? Comment below and let me know!  


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