What to do when you’re scraping the bottom of the financial barrel in your biz…


After speaking with several entrepreneurs in the past few weeks who are seriously scraping the bottom of the financial barrel in their business it occurred to me to do a Facebook Live on the topic (check out my video here!) and write a blogpost about it for you good people.

Because the truth is that we have always been there, some of us more than once, in our business. When we honestly have no idea how the next bill is going to get paid, where sales are way down (or non-existent) and we have taken Every. Single. Action. we can think of.  And there’s nothing but the sound of crickets to keep you company. Here are my top five ideas for what to do if you find yourself in that situation.

Top 5 Ideas for Turning Your Financial Situation Around  

These are ideas for conscious entrepreneurs who find themselves taking a lot of action in their business and getting no financial results. If you are more committed to working on your vision board than taking new action in your business, do not read this. Seriously. Go take some action instead. 

  1. Don’t Lie to Yourself.

Truly, get really honest with yourself. Does your body need genuine rest? Do you need to grieve, shout, cry, scream, pray, have sex, play?  Listen to what your body and your heart truly need, underneath your fear - which may be trying to protect you from doing anything new. Because sometimes we JUST. NEED. REST. It’s not in service to our highest selves to always be in launch mode. And if you make the decision that you do need rest: TOTALLY rest, don’t half ass it. 

  1. Dialogue with the Soul of Your Business.

Have you checked in with the soul of your business to see what it needs? Sometimes we forget to do this, even as conscious entrepreneurs! Just like we have a soul, our business has its own soul. Spending some time doing automated writing with the soul of your business. Or use your pendulum or muscle testing to ask it questions about what it needs. The answers may surprise you.

  1. Determine whether Action or Non-Action are called for.

Most business coaches will tell you that the solution to any problem in your business is to take more action. I disagree. Sometimes “non-action” or going into a state of truly receiving rather than directing is what is called for.

  1. Practice Receiving and Allowing.

This is SO HARD to do, especially for conscious entrepreneurs committed to being of service. Putting ourselves first, asking for support and then actually receiving that support can even feel terrifying! Begin by practicing in little ways: allow someone to open a door for you, or carry your groceries, or help you with directions, or compliment you. Say thank you. Get into the habit of receiving. This will be SO good for your business!

  1. Stay in Faith.

Staying in faith is really about managing how you show up in your business between the time you make the decision to create something new or reach a new goal, and when you actualize that goal or creation. In other words, how you show up 95% of the time in your business. Because 95% of the time you will be in the unknown in your business. Might as well just accept that, and get good with the unknown. Faith helps. Faith that the Universe wants abundance for you. Faith that if you have a desire it must already be available to you. Faith that God/Spirit/Universe/Truth would not have brought you this far to leave you. Faith that your purpose = abundance. 

And leave a comment below! I’d love to hear what you think about these tips.


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