A friend asked the other day when in my life I've felt the most carefree.


A friend asked the other day when in my life I have felt most carefree.

Initially, I was offended.

Like somehow there must be something wrong with me that I’m not a more care-free, la dee dah person.

(Or, however you’re supposed to spell la dee dah. I can’t even spell it because obviously that is not how I roll.)

I picture the sun shining and the sky a perfect blue. There is a little white girl skipping along a suburban sidewalk, wearing a pink dress, her blond ringlets bouncing, carrying a red balloon.

Somehow Hallmark has implanted that image in my head to represent “carefree.”

I find it irritating.

That was never me.

I was the girl riding my bike through the mud trying to get away from my life. I wasn’t carefree, I was trying to escape.

I am no longer trying to escape my life.

You know what that has given me? The true ability to be carefree.

Carefree literally means without anxiety or worry.

Right now, in this moment, and I’m pretty sure in the moment that is about to happen, I have CHOICE.


Yep, it’s now that next moment and I’m STILL at choice!

With choice, I understand, fundamentally, that I create my reality and my perspective.

I understand that everything can change in an instant if I choose it...


That alleviates worry and anxiety.

That alleviates the not-knowing.

That gives me needed perspective me from everything that has ever happened, is happening, and will ever happen.

There is nothing more freeing on this planet of 3D reality and deep human expression than choice.

The problem is that we as humans make this WAY more complicated than it needs to be. Because we keep thinking the answers are external.

In yet another punch-in-the-gut, snort-worthy quote by Anne Lamott, in her latest book, Almost Everything: Notes on Hope, she writes,

“There is almost nothing outside you that will help in any kind of lasting way, unless you are waiting for a donor organ. You can’t buy, achieve, or date serenity. Peace of mind is an inside job, unrelated to fame, fortune, or whether you partner loves you.”

In other words, you are the common denominator of your life.

You get to CHOOSE how this goes down.

Believing that you don’t have the ability to choose will keep you playing small, and, honestly, is offensive to your soul. Because your soul deeply desires to express itself fully on this big blue ball hurdling itself through space that we call home.

I find that massively comforting. My soul is rooting for me big time to show up, and play full out. My being has CHOICE in each moment. Change is available to me in an instant.

That feels deliciously carefree to me!

How will you spend your one wild and precious life?


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