Here are the conditions/limiting beliefs that I have been placing on myself



  1. This morning I took a 60 minute hike on a piece of property that is literally a 5 minute walk from my house. I’ve walked by this property almost daily for 2+ year but was not able to “see” it until last week.

    Why? Because I was carrying a belief that a trail where I could hike with my dog Winston off leash was not available within walking distance.

    The day after I chose to change this belief I saw this property. I’ve attached a photo of the view from the trail. Amazing, right?!? I LIVE HERE!!! #grateful #blessed

  2. I’ve been dealing with having a reactivation of Lyme disease and all of it’s mysterious and extreme effects on my body for 12 months now.

    In total transparency, I spent most of November 2017 lying on my couch or in my bed, just trying to get through the day. My body became non-functional almost overnight.

    I’ve been getting TONS of support for my body to support my healing process since the spring. Up until August I felt like I was totally out of control in my own body, especially when the Lyme bacteria would move around my system and cause new side effects.

    Toward the end of August I said to myself, Fuck this shit. What else is possible?

    I was DONE living with the side effects of Lyme. FUCKING DONE.

    On September 1st I woke up, asked my body what it needed to feel whole and healthy and it told me it wanted to go running. I ran 4 miles (I had not run for more than a year at that point). It was EASY and LIFE GIVING.

    I made a conscious decision that my body is already healed and whole. A few months later and I’m able to run 8 miles! My body is working better than it EVER HAS.

  3. This year I’ve made a significant commitment to pay down business and personal debt, save a HUGE chunk of change towards a downpayment on my dream home, and invest more than I ever have in mentoring and support for my business. (We’ve hired four new team members in the past 6 months!)

    I had been placing massive conditions on what was and wasn’t possible for my life and business growth. I was telling myself that I couldn’t pay down debt AND save for a dream house AND have all of mentoring and support I truly desire.

    As I recognized (and am still recognizing) all of the ways in which that condition isn’t true I am having breakout sales months AND revenue months. The team members we’re onboarding into the business are GENIUS at their craft.

    I have massive support in my life to care for my body and home.

    The THREE mentors I am working with are supporting me in upleveling in ways I didn’t even know were possible!

    The truth is that the money ALWAYS shows up when you decide what you truly want and put your money where your mouth (and heart) are. ALWAYS.

    (Side note: I did NOT have my breakout success in my business UNTIL I began investing in mentoring. When I did I took a QUANTUM LEAP, growing from basically nothing to a multi-six figure biz in 12 months, now on track to have a 7 figure biz!!)

Here’s the process that I use to uncover and transform the conditions/limiting beliefs I place on myself:

  1. Notice my language: what I say to myself and others. This brings conditions /limiting beliefs to the surface for me.
  2. When I recognize the condition/belief I say to myself, “Fuck this. What else is possible?”
  3. I decide to release the condition and claim a new belief/perspective.
  4. I open myself to new possibilities. I shift my vibration towards the new belief.
  5. MAGIC then happens.

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What conditions/limiting beliefs do you place on yourself and what new beliefs are possible for you? Comment below. I’d LOVE to know!


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