The revolution begins with you.


Want to break the rules?

Begin with the rules you constructed keeping you from yourself, from your soul, from the essence of who you are.

Because, my beloved, YOU ARE THE ONE who carefully crafted these rules.

No one else.


Maybe the rule is that it’s not okay to shine, it’s not okay to offend your tribe, it’s not okay to play full out, it’s not okay to be vulnerable, it’s not possible to live life fully.

Maybe the rule is that you must doubt yourself, or punish yourself, or judge yourself.

Maybe the rule is that everyone else matters except you.

We bind ourselves in highly constructed chains in the name of belonging, or staying safe, or, for many of us, staying alive.

I feel the deep pain of this.

It can feel like we might die as we begin to break the chains that bind us. It can feel overwhelming to recognize that we were the ones who put the chains there in the first place.

That responsibility brings us to our knees.

The possibility of a different way of being eviscerates us.

Because we must admit to ourselves that who we think we are is a lie.

Choosing a different way of being feels downright terrifying.

The truth is that you are at choice, my beloved.

In an instant everything that has held you back, that has bound you to an identity that isn’t even true, can be transformed.

In an instant.

I weep for you in your unknowing; in your terrorized story that there is WORK involved in BECOMING.

You already are whole and complete.

You already are evolved and expressed and powerful and necessary and REAL.

You already ARE.

You just forgot for a moment, when the reality of humanity stepped in to try and confuse you and blind you to yourself.

Are you ready to CHOOSE YOU?

This is the path of congruence. This is the journey of alignment. This is the abundant way.

When you choose your soul, life chooses you.

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Melissa A Anderson

There is not work involved in becoming!? I had to think about that one for a minute! I love your blogs. your words are simultaneously terrifying and comforting. Like, thanks for feeling my pain, then pushing me out of my comfort zone! :D
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