Nothing abundant arrives from attachment

Nothing abundant arrives from attachment.

I’m having some serious learnings around that in my dating life right now.

I can go on a first date, and it will be really, really, great, but then if I get attached to going on a second date, or seeing the guy again, or if I start planning our future, OR if I start doubting myself and feeling like I’m not good enough guess what happens, every FRIGGING time?

No second date.

It is ABSOLUTELY the same thing in business.

If I get attached to making a sale, selling out a program, having a 6 figure (or whatever) launch, looking good, being “successful,” being popular as a coach, being well received, being a thought leader, having fans… …

If I am in the energy of anything NEEDING to happen… …

If I get attached to TRYING TO BE or DO ANYTHING etc. guess what happens?


Anytime I find myself in attachment my sales dry up SUPER FAST.

Every frigging time.

Which is kind of hysterical, because it’s happened 3 times over the past 3 years and each time (in the moment) I can’t figure out what’s going on.

As soon as I recognize it’s because I am ATTACHED to a particular outcome then I detach and surrender and the money starts flowing again.

This is NOT rocket science, people. Attachment constricts abundance.

This is about being absolutely committed to what you desire and in SURRENDER to whether or not it is made manifest.

You can have a goal or intention but then you have to detach from it, over and over, and also over again.

This is the next level you.

The more you scale your business, the more exquisite attention you must give to tapping into your desire AND surrendering.

Because, like I always say, you cannot exist in two different vibrations simultaneously.

You can’t be attached and detached at the same time.

You can’t be constricted and expanded at the same time.

This is about you becoming the next level you that chooses expansion, detachment, and surrender.

This is about you becoming radically disciplined about how you show up in your business, and in your life.

This is about absolutely understanding beyond the shadow of a doubt that everything always works out perfectly for you.


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