Stay the course


Stay the course.

In the world of conscious entrepreneurship, there is no arrival destination.

(Oops, did I just burst your bubble?

Good, it is time.)

You are never going to get to that point of “success,” however you define it, where you no longer have to show up, be disciplined, effort or keep moving forward in order for your business to grow (or even sustain itself!).

You will have moments of feeling like you got this.

You will have victories or goals that are met. But then, 5 days or 5 minutes or 5 seconds later, you are on to the next thing.

Because that is how you are designed, my beloved.

That is the purpose of your soul: more life! To continually experience your spirituality in this human reality.

The growth edge is the whole f*cking point.

Until you surrender to this, until you understand that staying the course IS what it is always about, you will remain in struggle, always waiting to arrive.

Arrival is for people who choose fear, lack and scarcity. Arrival is a 3D concept. Growth and expansion incorporate all of who you are.

Because what your soul longs for, more than anything, is to play full out!

What could it look like for you to be truly lit up about your business?

How does your soul most want to express itself today? How can you play full out in your business?

P.S. If this is your year to grow your empire - and you are ready to expand into the person who knows how to stay the course, and allows your soul to play full out via the platform of your business - DM me, I’d LOVE to show you how.


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