Break your own rules.


I have spent the past three weeks breaking a ton of my internal rules.

Like I can’t change the flight/plan/trip after I’ve already booked it. Because that’s not responsible.

Like I can’t spend money to stay a few extra days at the beach because it’s freezing raining/snowing at home. Because that’s not responsible.

Like I can’t play just because I feel like it and it’s Wednesday. Because that’s not responsible.

Like if I’m not actively working in my business I’m not making money. Because that’s not responsible.

Like if I don’t hold onto everything that I have created I’ll have no proof that I have proven or struggled my way to success. Because that’s not responsible.

And even more true to my particular internal wiring, if I am not responsible all the time someone is going to die. Which is a pretty hardcore outcome for just wanting to take a day off or play or be in a different environment.

Until I understood the root cause of my particular need to be responsible and do the right thing, I could not sustain flow.

Because every time I felt responsible I would take myself out of flow.

I could notice flow and tap into it occasionally, but a full, blown out relationship with FLOW?

Hell to the NO.


Because in my own internal wiring system flow = death.

We have these types of extreme consequences for ourselves all the frigging time in our lives and businesses.

And until we unpack them, until we hold ourselves in the most compassionate LOVE possible and understand why the heck we do (or don’t do) certain behaviors we will never truly have freedom or be able to experience flow.

And FLOW is the PATH, the goal, the intention, the everything.

Until you break your own rules you will not be able to sustain FLOW.

So this was my view this morning, with my toes in the sand in Miami Beach, where it is a balmy 75 degrees F.

Because I CAN have, do and be everything I desire.

P.S. Are you ready to FLOW? Comment below. I’d love to show you how.


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