When nothing seems to be working...


When nothing seems to be working...

When you’re doing all the things...

Taking all the action...

In strategy mode...

In getting sh*t done mode...

When you can see your goal and your eyes are on the prize...

When you’re marketing in all the ways...

When you know your service is hot and people need it...

When all of that is going on and you are still not getting results,

Then what?

If you are in that place, if you feel frustrated, upset, and confused... If you’re beginning to feel desperate... If you’re starting to wonder if you’re actually a fraud... If you are doubting yourself...

Here is what I want you to know...

There is a path forward, and it is different than the path that you are on now.

In fact, it’s almost the opposite.

When none of the things are working the solution will never, ever,



to take more action and do more.

Sorry to burst your bubble over-deliverers.

I know that action may have kept you safe in the past, heck, it may have even kept you alive. I know it kept me alive.

As long as I was doing all the things, tracking all the things, making all the things happen, then I could create some semblance of safety in my reality. Because as long as I was in charge I knew I could keep myself alive.

My ego knew how to keep the bus moving forward.

But with conscious business, this doesn’t always work.

Because your ego leading your business is a recipe for disaster.

Because the ego has us doing ALL THE THINGS that keep us from listening for that one thing that actually WILL make all the difference.

Listening, the kind of deep listening that connects you fully with the essence of who you are, with your core, with your soul self, with your GOD SELF


Not the “hey I’m going to take a day off because I’m burnt out” surrender.

Not the “I’m totally going to surrender on Friday after I’ve done all the things” surrender.

Not the “hiding under the covers avoiding your business because you have already decided you are a fraud and a failure” surrender.

Not the “I’m going to burn every bridge just to make sure I’ve covered all my bases before I surrender” surrender.

But the surrender that comes from understanding and acceptance that alignment to your soul is the way forward.

Surrender that comes from the daily practice of tuning into your soul and noticing when something isn’t aligned.

Surrender that comes from the power and the strength that is YOU.

That is an active, not a passive, surrender.

That is an intentional choice and understanding that all knowledge, all power, all healing, all transformation, all the EVERYTHING is deep inside of you already.

It has been there the whole time. It has been waiting patiently for the rest of you to pay attention.

Attention is the path of mastery.

Attention is the means to abundance.

Attention is the transformation, the healing, the goal, the destination.

Exquisite attention to your soul is the answer you are seeking.

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