Are you doing your best to trust?

If you’re feeling like you are doing your best to trust everything to work out, and you’re in the energy of hoping and wishing that your marketing will work, or more leads will come in, or more sales will happen, or you will finally, finally, finally feel like your business is working…

What you are actually doing…

(sorry to burst your bubble)

Is reinforcing scarcity and lack in your business.

(There, I said it. Now we can do something about it.)

💥 Because, my beloved, you have not made the decision that what you desire will be made manifest. 💥

You have not decided that how you desire to do marketing will work because that is how you want to do it and therefore it will work because there is no other way, because you know down to the core of your soul, to the essence of who you are, that this particular way of marketing yourself in the world is fully aligned to YOU and your genius.

So of course it will work.

You know the truth of that like you know that the sun rose this morning, and the moon will rise this evening and you will continue to breathe in and out.

Because that is just the state of the world and the way things work.

Until you claim this level of certainty about what happens in your business you will continue to perpetuate lack and scarcity, somewhat consciously, but primarily unconsciously.

It’s the same energy as buying a lottery ticket because you believe that winning the lottery will fix all your problems.

It won’t.

And it definitely won’t work if you are drenching your lottery ticket in fear and scarcity and hoping and wishing and praying that maybe, just this one time, it will actually work.

🙌 Trust is a choice.

🙌 Trust is a decision.

As the leader of your business, as the CEO of YOUR reality, you get to decide to embody the certainty of trust that everything is working out in perfect divine alignment.

That of course the clients are there.

That of course the sale is available to you.

That of course the money is flowing.

That, of course, your primary (and, really, only) job is to show up each day in your genius.

That, of course, everything you desire is already available to you.

That, of course, all of that is possible because you decided it was available and you trusted the f*ck of out of your decision.

What decision do you need to make RIGHT NOW to grow your empire?

#growyourempire #manifestingforreals #getlit

P.S. Love the concept of trust but need some support with embodying it fully? Go here.


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