My Facebook messages have become daily sermons

My Facebook messages have become daily sermons. To be honest, I’m surprising myself right now with them.

Lots of folks have been reaching out to me, letting me know how potent and powerful these messages have been, and are asking me what’s up with the shift.

Here’s the deal: a few months ago Spirit told me to begin writing daily sermons. Messages from my soul, from Source, from the essence of all that is, and to trust them and put them out there.

It’s a very similar experience to what I went through in 2004, when I found myself in worship in a small Quaker community offering daily vocal ministry. These Spirit-led messages were pouring out of me, they compelled me, they felt compulsory.

They entered my dreams and the silence of worship.

They would not leave me alone.

They surprised me. I was hearing them myself for the first time as they were coming out of my mouth. They brought me home to the essence of who I am. They birthed my poetry and writing, and eventually my year as Artist-in-Residence, where I discovered that I am also a visual artist.

2004 was the year I was called to the ministry, and over the next 5 years I was “endorsed” as a Quaker minister and eventually went to seminary, and then on to train as a chaplain, and became a trauma chaplain, then a home hospice chaplain.

Because, if I’m honest, people LOVE to die around me, but that is another story for another time.

These daily sermons, that have been showing up for months now, feel compulsory to me as well. The messages they carry are potent, and surprise me as much as they do the reader.

It feels like channeling meets my normal everyday badass truth talk meets the world of blogging.

I can’t get away from them. And, I don’t want to. I find myself excited like a little kid each morning wondering what the message will be for the day, and when/how it will arrive.

Yesterday the daily sermon showed up as I was driving to an appointment with my vibrational energy medicine practitioner, and I found myself attempting to write it out at every stoplight, before it disappeared.

I am trusting this process, because every time Spirit has led me down a path that made no logical sense to me it has worked out. Always. I have always been taken care of when I have said YES and leapt before I was ready.

My identity as a spiritual director, which I have carried for 15 years, is claiming attention now in the landscape of my business.

Honestly, it is who I have been for more years than I can remember, yet it scares the crap out of me to state, first and foremost, that I am a spiritual director for conscious business.

Not a business coach or even a business mentor, but a spiritual director.

Because that is what I do. I see what is in and out of alignment with your soul, with Spirit, with Source, with God, with the Universe (all that IS you), and call attention to it, inviting healing and transformation.

It feels passive to me, like maybe it’s not enough, like it’s not sexy, like it’s not valuable, yet it is always what I do with my business coaching clients, it is what I have always done as I accompany others in their lives and their businesses.

Yesterday it’s what I did in a 5 hour VIP business strategy session with a client and her team.

It was a remembering. It was a birthing of the essence of who she was. It gave so much clarity, structure, possibility and excitement to the future of her business.

We created a model for a 7 figure business, which was so much bigger and EASIER than what she had been envisioning.

For me, listening for the alignment was as easy as breathing.

Having supported thousands of entrepreneurs now in growing their businesses I believe THIS is the ONLY thing that matters: to return to the essence of who we are, to lead with our soul. To heal and transform and release everything that is not that.

Because as conscious entrepreneurs we are not just here to make a lot of money (although we are designed for abundance and for more life).

We are here to transform consciousness on this planet.

We are here to heal ourselves.

Our business is the platform for our own spiritual evolution.

The more we recognize this, the more we lean into THIS truth, the more we are able to live in that energy of more life and abundance.

Our abundance heals the planet.

But it starts with radical permission to NOT JUST DO BUSINESS in the 3D.

Our businesses are not transactional, they are transformational.

They represent the essence of who we are, and who we are freaking matters.

The poet Mary Oliver has been calling all of us this week, in mourning her passing, to consider what we will do with our one wild and precious life.

For me, there is only one answer: To be in alignment. To trust Spirit’s guidance. To be God incarnate.

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