You are pure consciousness

You are pure consciousness.

You literally have access to the entire quantum field of reality and can create in each moment anything you desire.

You are a spiritual being having a human experience.

And sometimes your humanity, frankly, f*cks things up with disempowered energy.

👉 Wanting is a disempowered energy.

👉 Wanting things to be different than they are in this moment.

👉 Wishing you were further along then you are in your business.

👉 Wanting to blame everyone else for your problems or lack of results: like your coach, or your clients, or your prospects, or your industry, or the person driving 30 miles an hour in the fast lane in front of you who just won’t pick up the clue phone that they are IN THE WRONG.

👉 Hoping that maybe you new marketing strategy will work. Or that maybe today you won’t get derailed. Or that maybe today you’ll make a sale.

👉 Crossing your fingers when you hit send on an email request in an effort to “make” it work.

All of that wanting, wishing, and hoping is taking you out of the present moment.

It is taking you away from your badass superpower of pure consciousness.

It is fear-based energy running the show in your business - keeping you caught up in the past or the future instead of the present moment.

All possibilities exist in the quantum field when we are in the present moment.

🔥 Being a victim takes you out of the present moment. 🔥

It puts the energy out to the Universe that you are not empowered or fully capable of creating your own reality.


So much brings us out of the present moment: fear, comparing ourselves with others, worry, resentment, feeling like a victim, focusing on what is wrong with our lives, businesses, our money, or the people around us.

If we have victim consciousness, believe that someone else has taken something away from us, or someone else got something that we deserved, we are trapped, and, also, it’s not true.

We literally bind our own capacity to manifest anytime we choose to be victims of our circumstances.

🔥 Your empowerment begins in the present moment. 🔥

Your empowerment begins with cultivating and honing and refining your abundant energetic signature so that you can literally create anything you desire.

You create an energetic signature, such as abundance, freedom, joy or love, by combining a clear intention with a clear heart with elevated emotion.

You literally energize your way into a new reality. You create a vibrational match between your energy and the potential that exists in the quantum field.

This is like tuning a radio dial - it FEELS like locking into a frequency.

You draw the experiences you desire to you, by becoming an energetic vortex.

But in order to utilize THAT kind of power and energy you’ve got to drop the story that ANYONE other than YOU is responsible for your reality.

That is what helps you get into the present moment so that you can catalyze your desires.

P.S. What I have found to be true for myself and many other conscious entrepreneurs is that the more I stay IN THE PRESENT MOMENT and follow my soul’s guidance for my business, the more I prioritize alignment in my life and my business, the more I being to manifest and receive the results I desire.

But in doing so, exquisite attention must be given to every little (and big) thing that is out of alignment. What I may have been able to squeak by with 3 years, 1 year, even 6 months ago can no longer be ignored.

EVERY LITTLE THING must be aligned to me and my business otherwise nothing moves forward.

ESPECIALLY everything that takes me out of the present.

What about you?

Are you feeling stuck in your business and seemingly nothing is moving?

Do you feel like your life and business is completely unaligned?

Have you tried all the things/programs/strategies but they just aren’t working?

Then it’s time to lead with soul and ENERGY.

It’s time to put the fear aside and listen to the voice inside you that has been saying for some time now that you've got to pivot and build your business based on pure alignment and soul guidance.

Are you ready?

The first step is acknowledgment.

The second step is to schedule a consult call with me.

Not only will we diagnose where you are and exactly what's going on in your business, we will help you to create clarity and a plan of action around what the best next steps are for you to grow your empire in a way that is soul fulfilling.

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