Other people's opinions or actions will not bring you closer to God, your purpose, or your soul.

Other people’s opinions or actions will not bring you closer to God, your purpose, or your soul.

I promise.

Especially when you CARE about what other people think of you.

Or need people to think or believe or perceive certain things about you.

Focusing on another’s opinion of you will cause you to keep yourself in an addictive loop of:

👉 needing other people to like you

👉 needing to be rescued

👉 becoming derailed whenever someone says something negative about you or has a negative reaction to you or flat out doesn’t like you

Other people’s opinions of you - and specifically, you letting those opinions impact you - will:

👉 keep you playing small

👉 have you hiding out in invisibility rather than sharing your amazing, gorgeous soul with the world

👉 influence your marketing by your need to be liked or understood instead of expressing what your soul desires to communicate

👉 keep you focusing on approval more than your art

This is very low vibration energy.

💥 Wanting your coach to rescue you.

💥 Getting upset when other people are not responding to you the way you want/expect them to.

💥 Not taking full responsibility for your own behavior.

💥 Allowing other people’s behavior to negatively impact how you show up in your life and your business.

This is a low vibe.

I’ve seen a TON of posts over the past few weeks from coaches about victim energy in their communities and I’ve certainly felt that energy in my community too. I haven’t had that energy in my business for YEARS and I’m SO CURIOUS about what’s really going on!

(any insights, people?)

It feels like OLD energy raring its head to be healed and transformed. It is not an energy that is needed any longer on our planet.

💥 You will never manifest your dreams by complaining your way out of your current reality. 💥

You will never manifest your dreams by hiding out in the low vibration of “no one understands me” or “I’m misunderstood” or “other people NEED to respond to me differently” or “everyone else is the problem” or “this other person DID this thing to me.”

The more you DO business, the more opinions people will have about: you, your business, your marketing copy, the size of your ass, the clothes you wear, your thought leadership, whether or not they think you are authentic/real, how you react/don’t react to situations, how you communicate, how you are serving your clients and the way you interact with others.

💥 Your power is in how you CHOOSE to respond. 💥

Because in each moment you create your reality.

Because you are a spiritual being having a human experience - not the other way around.

You are FULLY empowered and capable of leading with your soul and not being derailed by others’ opinions or reactions OR by your perception of how others’ are responding to you. You are fully capable of leading with LOVE, not with hurt, anger, or a disempowered mentality.

🙌 Your art is what actually matters.

🙌 Your soul expressing itself is what actually matters.

🙌 You trusting yourself 100%, backing yourself 100%, and being in faith 100% is what matters.

🙌 You being in the empowered, expansive energy of LOVE, of JOY, of FREEDOM, of ABUNDANCE, is what matters.

If you are showing up in alignment with your soul, if you are being faithful even when it makes no logical sense, or even when your message is not what you *think* other people want or need to hear, you will get results in your business.

But not if you doubt yourself.

Not if you’re putting all your focus on what other people are thinking/doing.

Not if you need other people to change.

Not if you question your message.

Not if you question yourself. Not if you are out of integrity with your soul.

What needs to shift inside of you today to lead with LOVE instead of FEAR?


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